Thursday, March 19, 2015

Put your shoulder to the wheel

This has been a week FULL LOADED! Well starting with us... short and sweet! We have some amazing investigators and we see their progression each day! We don't go a day without seeing miracles and we are doing great! I love Hermana Villareal! her love for this work, her area, the sisters, and the investigators is outstanding! I love working with her because we have no limits! It is amazing! We are really pushing ourselves to do the very best we can to help ALL that we can in each responsibility that we have at this time! Our goals are really keeping me on my toes and we are loving it! HNO Pill WHO WAS BAPTIZED this week is happier than ever and a few members mistook him as a missionary on Sunday! He really is an amazing guy and going to change some lives! Sure hope he chooses to serve the mission! That would be so cool! His dad wants to get baptized but can't because he was married to two people at the same time and would have to divorce with someone in Vera Cruz and its a long story.... but Pillo is working on it!!!! haha We had Paola in the church this week a 24 yr old girl super shy but so cute who really wants to know where her dad is, who passed away two years ago! She is awesome we put a date with Rosalve! 11th of April is her baptism! super stoked! too much to tell things just happen every second but we are happier than ever the sisters on the other hand... gonna send you guys my report of the sisters this is all that went down this week . 

Okay well, now for the sisters! It has been a very interesting week with these sisters of zion!

We started with our divisions with San Nico they are doing great with their area getting used to everything and getting it all in order! hna Granja is really fighting hard with her illness.  she is one of my best friends here in the mish super strong but really suffers from lots of problem with her health!!!) but she doesn't want to give up and she won't give up until the Lord tells her to. She is worried about the stress that her companionship is causing. She knows that it is not helping, but it has forced her to become even more humble in all she does and recognize all her disabilities to become even stronger! She is an amazing missionary and so super strong! She is an example for me! Her and hna Brooks can make it through this if the health of hna Granja will allow it! Their studies were the best part!!!! We all came out with different studies about love, and shared how we could show our love better with companions with people but the best part was it was what the spirit lead each of us to read not what we told them to study it was just what we all studied! They are both greatly growing. We know that hna Granja is going to see you today, we are praying for her and know that the both of you will receive the answer correct that the Lord needs for her! She is an amazing servant of the Lord and has really had an amazing run here! What ever the Lord is going to allow her to do, He has a lot planned for her, she is in our thoughts fasts and prayers

We went Jueves to do studies with Anahuac. We got a little lost looking for their house... whoops! haha but it was what the Lord wanted because we arrived at 8:30 and they were both sleeping still. hahah that was fun!!!!! 

We saw hna Zatarain MI HIJA!!!!! and hna Ashcraft! They are super excited! working sooo hard and want to be better every day! They have put some great goals together with us and we are all working together!!!! supporting each other, its going to be a great change for them! Hna Ashcraft is kinda in a weird stag right now, but she is still happy and wants to work! She has put rules for herself about her thoughts and the things her and her companion talk about! They don't talk about the house! haha and hna Zatarain is really helping her in this! 

For two weeks now...  The sisters just told us she was a little sick, until this week. When we were on divisions I talked a lot with hna Rodriguez and it is stress that is causing it she is sick from something!. I think that it is the stress that is the reason she can not get better, but she has something wrong. I have never seen someone in such pain when we came back to her house, migraine and back pains! I was on my toes heating towels trying to keep her calmed down and help  her sleep or something so she could stop crying. She told me very directly the Lord is trying to teach her about pride. I don't know what that means for her or for you but I want to know if there is anything you can think of other than be in good contact with them checking up and helping them smile, that we can do to help. They are both suffering because they both want so badly to work, hna Calderon had learned more than she can explain in this time and come to love and want to be in her area. She cares a lot for her companion and only wants the best for her. She talked to you about everything so there is not much to say but we have been in contact with them daily and are just waiting to see what else we can do for these amazing sisters! If you have suggestions ideas or info, give us a call please, she is in our fasts and prayers!  

This week we are going to have divisions with Sabinas Hidalgo they are doing pretty good and we are going to help hna Baisden smile a little more! (from her heart cause we all know she is smiling on the outside) and we are going to see Felipe for divisions!! They are having a lot of desafios with their investigators but they are staying strong and we are gonna see what else we can do for them this week! 

Lots of things have passed this week, and the adversairy is sure working hard on the servants of the Lord, but we don't fall, we just become stronger!!!! I love when we can realize what our weaknesses are because we can put the goals to build them up! We can feel the support of the Lord and its like a check point to see what we are doing what we are not and WHAT MORE we can do! I love the mission, I love this gospel, and I love to see what more we can and will do each and every day! Because this is the plan of our heavenly father and we are his team, so we have to show Him what we can do and that we have his back ALWAYS!!!! I wanna invite you guys this week to look for the problems you have, and find the solutions, see the blessings and love each and every difficulty you have! Life isn't easy, but if it was, it wouldn't be fun!!!! Love each and every one of you thanks for your prayers and love your all the greatest! keep on keeping on! and put your shoulder to the wheel! 

love Hermana Bauer! 

My new comp....Hermana Villareal

We have had changes!!! I am now with hna Villareal! and stayed in Las Puentes!!!! we are with the elders elder Clayton from North Salt Lake and Elder May, they are awesome!!! I am training hna Villareal as the new sister training leader, in this change we have 7 companionships!!! We are very excited and have chose amor y animo as our theme!!!! It is going to be an amazing change and we have already seen miracles we have a baptism planned for this Sunday and had a new investigator at the church on Sunday! I love this work and everything the Lord has planned for me! He knows us so much better than we know ourselves! All we have to do is learn to truly trust in him!!!! I love my new comp and you are all gonna come to love her as well.  She is a sweet heart as you can all see and we are going to rock this change! Hope to hear from you all soon thanks for all your support and love we sure love ya!!!! lots of love and hugs sent from mexico your way!!!!
Hermana Bauer 

Changes are coming!!!

well you got that right last week, well day well half of a day before changes!!!! I don't want them!!!!!!!!!!!! but the Lord knows best!!! you know that's how we do things! How the lord wants!!! This week was really great! We have a family, they are AMAZING!!!!!!!! and super ready to have the gospel in their lives! OH MAN!!! I cannot even handle this week!! we had the coolest studies then this family, then my best friend slash comp is going away, I don't know what I am going to do.   One of my best missionary friend's  is the new assistant to the pres!!!!! that's cool!  It has been freezing and raining all week including today, in health we are doing good!!!! that's so awesome!!! that brae made the choir!!! I had some super person revelation this week, its almost time to start having these types of answers to my prayers and I wasn't even asking but i just felt it the other day.  I  have studied my blessing because of Madi and all that and.. well.... your going to die, but I think I am going to study MUSIC!!! I think I am going to be a music teacher. Yeah I said it, it left my fingers, and my mouth more than once this week! crazy stuff huh! nothing for sure! but its a new thought! Wow!!! sounds like you had a good week! Sorry this letter is super out of order and there is not much sense to it I am a little stressed today about changes! haha and there are just lots of little random, things to tell ya! but we are doing really well here and I am happy as ever now wanting it to end!!!! I didn't know grandpa sully had cancer i don't think you ever told me that but please tell him I love him!  I hope you have a great week I love you your in my prayers don't worry about lambs and snow the Lord knows what we need, He tests us but it will all come out on tops! You will do great on your talks this week!!!! don't worry I will give one for you this week here! Love you tons mom thanks for everything! 

su hija mayor y misionera! Hermana Bauer
Wow!!!! what a week eh! Well I cannot even beat your week I don't think... maybe we can hit equal on the scale! man me and hna Carrillo are one fire with our investigators.. they are flying! we went on strike outside of one of our investigators houses to see get the signature from the mom of Jazmin... in fast and everything. the Lord made it very clear it was not her time not for her but for the mom. Something tells me that the time for her baptism is when the mom wants to listen and be baptized as well, because Jazmiin isn't going to stop going to church! She is the coolest little joven ever!!!! she is going to be friends with Brae they are tons a like!!!! Then there is papa don chema and the fam! they are super escogidos! and so ready love love love teaching them!!!! man oh and this week.... welp ya know 4 months... isn't that  much.. I know pres told ya all not to talk about it but me and my comp woke up the other day all freaked out... the way satan works huh... so we started our studies an hour early at seven! NEEDED IT!!!! I am reading in Alma and well read some war strategy!!!  We are just fighting a battle and in this battle we are really learned how to wear our armor like the things you said in your letter! each of these things are part of yours and mine its the armor of God that we need. We have found it in different places it becomes stronger in different experiences but when we come together again we will be to the point of a family so strong that the Lord will be very please with us! He has blessed us so much that I have lost count a long time ago! haha but el señor probara! the time will come for everything! we have seen it happen before and it will happen again!" I love that you had an eye opening week so did I!!! I love you so much dad! you are such an amazing example for me! and for so many of los de mas!!! keep working, growing and moving forward! You are changing lives of so many!!!!! Thanks for all that you do, have a great week! and don't stress to much!!!! I love you have a great week talk to you Monday then you will know about changes! 

Hermana Bauer su hija mayor primera misionera! 

You could say we are seeing miracles

Hello !!! 
How are you all doing snowed in! we are getting some rain here but that's about it!!!!  That's to bad about Aunt Sharon.  I can't even explain to you mom how much my testimony has grown on the plan of salvation in my mission it is amazing. I really hope you and dad are going to the temple because it is one of the biggest responsibilities we have here on the earth and truly one of the closest houses there are to God! 

I am so proud of Chey it is going to change her life, it has sure changed mine!!!! and it will change her fam as well!!! man that's awesome! glad the Stubb's are doing well as well! awe you will do great on your talk! 
Thanks so much I got the package and it was great Hermana Carrillo loved her notes and so did i!!! she uses her bracelet every day mine broke haahh but hers is holdin up!!! 

What a week it has been here!!! I cannot even believe it!!!! WE had a reference from our stake pres a 23 yr old kid that just showed up at the institute building!!! He is awesome!!! His family has one of the most famous taco stands in Central De Monterrey! oh and he was in the church eight years ago said a prayer asked if it was true saw an angel in a dream that said he needed to study and know more before he was baptized so he did and now he feels ready, so he has been looking for a church and found one! The stake center! We had our first lesson with him he is super excited and the rest of his family are super awesome as well their biggest problem is they work Sundays but the kid will changes that fast I have no worries in my mind!!!!  We have one 14 yr old who is like a member but we are going to fast this week and convince her mother to sign her papers to be baptized!!!! She is so ready, she is the bishops neighbor and loves the church!!!!  We also had another person ask us to come bless their house, so we asked to elders to come with us! We went with her she was the mom of an old investigator who turned out to be crazy well its crazy how the Lord works! because she spilled everything accepted baptism told us she drinks but just one beer every night to be able to sleep that's all she needs to change.  The elders blessed the house and we have a lesson with her today! She is super excited and accepted baptism she said she knows its what she has to do!!!!!! Yeah you could say we are seeing miracles and I love my area my comp and this work!!!!!!!! 

Hope you guys have a great week.  Love you so much!!!! talk to you next week! We have changes coming up AAAHH! 

Hermana Bauer 
                                                                    P-day taco run

                                                     Temple day with the Fonseca Family

February 16, 2015

 Sounds like the fam is good! trouble makers skipping out on church! the wind was defiantly your reward! hahaah sounds like fun though! Man it is crazy to think it is going to be March and then we won't have long until we talk again! WEIRD!!!! Yeah last week was nuts! ( the witch) haha but the spirit saves us more than once a day! haha tell Madi congrats and Brae that she needs to follow her example and she will be great this year!! man Bridger he is a handful I am sure, I cannot even imagine him haha his poor teacher! how is his spanish going! You will have to let him know I am looking forward to having my first conversation with him in español. This week Pablo and Melissa were married the son of our recent converts the ones in the pics of the other week!  Lorena helped us do visits it is so cool to have her fresh excited testimony out in the street with us!!! What a strong spirit she has!!! this week not much is new we have a new investigator but her mom has to give her permission to be baptized she is like 15!!! the Lord will find the way!! Well hope you have a great week I sure love you and thanks for all you do! I will use the face wash when I get it and  the package is here I will have it Thursday! Thanks so much mom your the greatest! 
                   Valentines cotton candy! It kind of  tasted like paint and it painted our tounges PINK!!


Nathan McBride, an LDS missionary serving in Mexico, died suddenly of a heart attack while playing soccer with community members Friday.
When McBride, 20, collapsed during a break in the game, other players called paramedics and performed CPR, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. He had just started the second year of his two-year mission.
Tri-City Herald said that McBride’s parents, Robert and Rhonda McBride, were shocked when a church official delivered the news to their home late Friday because his son was healthy and didn’t have any medical conditions. They were told that there was no sign of damage or harm to Nathan’s body.
The family is working with the American Consulate to get McBride’s body home. They are hoping to have the funeral Jan. 24.
McBride was known as a dedicated student who maintained a 3.8 grade-point average and had dreams of becoming an orthopedic surgeon one day. He spent his time volunteering at a local Humane Society, and was an active kid who loved pole vaulting, playing basketball, hiking, and fishing.
“Nathan was serving the Lord as a missionary and he was doing what he was supposed to be doing,” Robert McBride told Tri-City Herald. “And he was happy, he was very happy. He loved what he was doing.”

This is one of my friends from the MTC he was in my district! He was an amazing missionary and helped me a lot in my hard times at the MTC! He always kept me going when I got down on my Spanish! I was taken back when I heard this. I cannot believe it is true. But it is such a blessing to be in the work of the Lord and know exactly where he is. He was an amazing example for us all and will always be an example for me! His big smile and great jokes,the way he could keep everyone happy! He passed onto a bigger work and I am sure he is preaching the gospel right where he is today! It was rough to hear about this and really broke my heart. His family is in my prayers and I would appreciate it if you could add them to yours as well! Thanks for all your support and everything you all do for me!. Each day we have are truly special and important! So keep living strong in the gospel and don't ever give up! Give the Lord your all because He gave us everything! This gospel is amazing and the biggest blessing each and everyone of us could have in our lives! Hold strong to the rod and remember he has a plan for each of us! I love you all 

Hermana Bauer

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I love to see the temple

I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE!!!!!! these are some pics of the temple today! loved it!!!!!!!!!!! exactly what I needed! I love my comp she is the greatest!!!! and oh this is our zone they are awesome!!! and Elder Day and Elder Parks!  Elder Parks told me he is related to the cox family in my ward at home and they talk to him about me! SMALL WORLD!!! I love this gospel!! Have a great week and EVERYONE should go to the temple it is the best medicine to any problem, do baptisms or a session.  Its  like going to the house of the Lord and having a good talk with Him personally! Keeps us all going! I love you all! 

Listening to the Spirit

Hello Everyone! 

Okay so here is the story... we were teaching this lady and the sign that is outside her house says shes a fortune teller. Well anyway we prayed a lot about teaching her and felt we needed to! After two lessons we still felt good about it and she was progressing! Well we took Lorena our recent convert to visit her with us! They are backdoor neighbors! The lesson was AMAZING!!!!! Lorena was a powerhouse she blew it away the spirit was so strong they were both crying it was just amazing and then we put a baptism date!!!! and Maria Elena accepted and told us she was willing to quit smoking right there she wanted to go to the activities and church and wanted to be baptized in less than a month! WE WERE FLYING HIGH ON THE SPIRIT!!! Well the next day we were in divisions I was n Los Elizondo helping Hermana Calderon! (she is training and her daughter had a breakdown in the morning and we had a huge flash back talk of why we are all here our stories and what is our purpose! I think it helped us all! Hermana Rodriguez is amazing and spent the day in Las Puentes with Hermana Carrillo) so these two passed by and said she would not open the door Hermana Carrillo peaked in and she was doing something weird! Well they felt really gross and that they needed to leave so they went! The next day I returned home to Las Puentes!! We passed by to remind her about church on Sunday! They turned up their music really loud and would not open the door I didn't feel that great even on her porch, so we left a note on the gate and off we went! Sunday night we were looking for a direction and it was near her house (oh they didn't go to church) so we were just  walking down the street and all of the sudden I was like is that the Book of Mormon, my comp said YES! it was crumpled and hanging from her gate! We ran over grab it and to see what happened! she had her door FULL of post its! saying I hate Mormons, leave to die in peace, don't come back. anti Mormon, leave me alone, I wont be baptized, don't come back, and the biggest one I AM A WITCH!!!! we didn't know what we were playing with but we felt terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man i cannot even explain it was like the air was so heavy you didn't want to breathe it! we ran off.  I  needed a blessing for health (yeah got a nasty cough we don't want bronchitis like last year haha) so it was already in our plans to meet up with the elders! When we found them I had my blessing and we told them! They told us to throw away the Book of Mormon! Things have happened before in the mish with like cursed objects and stuff so well of course I was the one with it in my hand! hahah we went to a park and threw it away and then.. well yeah everything was good and we have to write to future missionaries to NEVER enter that house again! I really gained a testimony of how protected and blessed we are by the Lord and His love for each of his children, even if she does the things she does he wanted her to have the opportunity to learn! He sent us there! We entered that house under fervent prayer and received our answer! This is a great example of our right to choose we each have the opportunity to choose right from wrong! sometimes its hard and maybe its not playing with spirits and doing witch craft, but each and every choice we make will change our lives so look for the ones that will change it for the better!  A lot of other crazy stuff happened this week, I sure learned a lot! I am so thankful to be here on the mission and to have the opportunity to teach others of this amazing gospel! I have really seen a lot of changes in myself as well! The ability to listen and feel the spirit is something we have to strive for and practice! I also had an amazing experience with Hermanan Henao this week in Felipe!!!! DIVISIONS! we felt we needed to visit a menos activa! and Hermana Henao had not met her yet! We went and knocked the door she answered but was so tired! She told us sorry about the mess and that I was sleeping I just got home from helping my mom. She is a young mother! she told us her dad passed away Thursday! We had NOTHING planned to teach her just felt we needed to pass. So we listened and listened about her father and how it is hard for them but they know he is where he needs to be now! Listening we were looking for a scripture to share at the same time we opened up to Ether 12!!! I thought no... that is not what we need to share then I glanced at the scriptures of my comp.. she had the same page and pointed to verse 4! we invited her to read it and she began bawling... she expressed to us her feeling of this scripture and that it is the favorite of her father!!!!! We were completely led by the spirit! It was amazing and an answer to this sisters prayers! THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS WORK!!!!  Working  in the hands of our Lord and he changes lives! We just have the opportunity to watch it happen!!!! I love you all and hope you have a great Valentines Day and week! Your all the greatest, thanks for your prayers and love! 

Hermana Bauer! 

"Grandma Legs"

mother dearest,
so remember how you told me my health was better.. I have something to tell you. haha I have been starting to get varicose veins and spider veins in the upper part of my thighs. Yes those things that grandmas get. Im super happy about it... hah. they are from walking so much and standing for long periods of time. There is not much you can do for them except wear the compression socks. I was thinkin about how you are going to send that package and Hermana Swapp told me you could send in in the next couple of days to her house and her friends can bring it down in two weeks when they come. So you could send me some of the sock things. She said a really good brand is jobst. But you can find the best ones you think. she says they are expensive, but its something important so... better to pay for the health I am hoping for haha. Dont worry too much they ache a bit and look weird not loving that part hahaha.  I am going to start elevating my legs when I study the whole nine yards! My legs just are the best of luck aren't they" haha well anyways I would really appreciate it if you could buy these tomorrow and get the package sent off.

February 2, 2015- A Few Odds and Ends

We have been praying for Randy and hope that he is doing better.  He was included in our fast this week! I know the Lord will take care of him and the fam!!! tell him to hang in there and that I sure love him!!  Our family is one of a kind and each of us are very different, but its a good thing of we were the same you would get bored! 

Contacting people with service is my favorite tactic!!!! sweeping, dishes, taking a garbage out sometimes painting! hahah who knows there is a bit of everything here! our relief socity is NUTS!!!! the sisters fight and think that all the single adults have the responsibility (feeding and helping the missionaries) and need to make the sacrifice of time because there is no time as a mom and yeah it is nuts they fight about giving us food because not many want to!  We have some strong sisters that are always there for us like the Hermana Sisi! she always saves us when we got nowhere to go haha!  We are finally going to the temple next week, so  ready for that! I sure love you mom and hope all is going well I am gong to write a big letter about he crazy stuff that happened this week. Give everyone loves and thank you for all you do for us! you are the greatest mom in the world and I want you to know your testimony and strength has held our familia together! 

Oh and my 3rd cousin Elder Day is in my zone! his mom is Collette Kimball or something like that I think she is your 2nd cousin from what we figured out! haha 

 well we have cleaned the whole house from top to bottom because it is infested with mold!!! we cannot kill it so all we can do is clean it! When i have a house of my own it will be clean and we will not have these problems.... YUCK!!!

 We went to Sirlon for an activity today I think I gained a lot of weight in about an hour or two! We ate sooooo much but it was sooo good sushi, wings, desert... you have to take advantage of it when you have the chance things like this don't happen much in the mish!
 I cannot believe how fast the mission flying  by.. makes me sick sometimes don't like to think about it, I am getting to the point of being an oldie I don't know the new missionaries and all my buds are going home.. Hermana Sumsion mi mama only has one more change left! AAAAAAAAH! Cannot believe it I am taking advantage of every second I have! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Fonseca Family

Well this is the miracle of the week! ... hope you enjoy it! 

the one on the left is. Hermano Pablo, he was baptized in May last year. He was a bit of a trouble maker but now has become an amazing father of three.  Four months after his baptism he helped to convert is oldest brother and about a week ago the wife of his brother was baptized ( Miguel his brother is the last one on the right)
Hermano Pablo has been a strong convert living the gospel and sharing with everyone how it has changed his life... and this is where the story begins! 
One night his parents were in town they live in Mexico Mexico but came and stay with him for months at a time (his mom is in the pink in the pic)  Hermana Lorena has always listened to us. but did not want to take the examples of her kids as an answer she wanted and has been looking for her OWN answer, something special.  She always reads her Book of Mormon and even when she was tired from work listened to at 8:30 pm when she got off. All because she wanted to know more and was waiting for her amazing experience her answer. When I got to this area she had gone off to Mexico to feed all the people who go and worship  the giant Virgin Mary she has outside of her house. When she finally got home she wanted to listen again and I had the chance to meet her. She wanted an answer but really was not putting her heart into it because she didn't want to change the things she knew she had to. When she came back we had the chance to meet her hubby who she Hermana Genaro he told us the missionaries had been visiting him in mexico!!! (the man in the middle of the first pic :D ) We saw why the missionaries stopped teaching him he showed no interest, but we felt something special about him and he listened to us and was happy with his wife by his side!.  They had a lot of problems but, two weeks ago Thursday we challenged them to be baptized the first of February!  They responded with if they receive answers they will be baptized. We showed up for the lesson Saturday and we had a FULL HOUSE!!! 15 people!  We had a family night did some games and got to know everyone we focused on the faith.. but were left hanging not knowing how they were feeling with the whole date of baptism.

Last Thursday we were in the middle of a lesson and one of their daughters called (the two daughters live in mexico) they were informed that their youngest daughter had a party alcohol smoking the whole nine yards IN THEIR HOUSE!  The older sister was upset and could not control the situation! they both began to teach that they had never done these things and never taught them to do them either, it is not what they wanted for their daughters and they let them know it. We had planned to teach the word of wisdom but we listened to them teach it over the phone to their two daughters! It was absolutely perfect!! hehe we taught castidad and diezmo!  We asked about 1 de February they still were not so sure looking for that answer..,.this last Friday we had an activity misional in the ward, the goal was for them to get excited and feel the spirit, but they had tons of OPOSICIÓN, they said they didn't know if they would be going home to mexico for their daughters or getting baptized! They were given a blessing by their sons and received peace and comfort from the faith and desire they truly had inside to receive their answers! They did not go to mexico and we had an amazing lesson with them in the temple! There was a ward trip and we had permission to go with the new converts! They met us there and we had a lesson inside in the waiting room!. The president came and talked to them and others who could not enter, we all felt this peace and spirit that you can only have in the temple even of we were not inside! It was an amazing experience and they accepted baptism for the next day with a firm stand on their decision.  :D 

We left the temple and off to their interviews! :D 
The next day (Sunday) we ran to the chapel at FIVE IN THE MORNING to begin filling the font. The baptism was at eight before the services at nine.  We were up at four and preparing for it all within this time! :D hehe They got there at eight and we began! the whole family came with members and non members  Hermano Pablo baptized his mom Hermana Lorena and Miguel Genaro! 

 Through all of the opposition and difficulties the time and efforts of everyone they were baptized! They bought their own white clothes.  I played my violin with my comp singing!! It was a very special service! Off we went to sacrament barley making it before the prayer! they were confirmed as members of the church and recieve the Holy Ghost that day!  Hermana Lorena went up front to bare her testimony all on her own we didn't even say anything and shared her story!  She explained she has the change she had been waiting for. They were very happy and grateful for all they had gone through, all they want is to get to the temple and have their family forever and that their last couple kids can become members as well and feel what they are feeling!
As you can all see it has been a very special week for the family Fonseca and for us as well.  The Lord can touch hearts in many ways and touched theirs  We all can help others have experiences as this one if we share what we know is true and help those around us.  We are very happy and would not trade this experience for anything, this is what makes me happy, this is what keeps us going, this is why we live the way we do.  Each one of us can change the lives of others but only if we trust in our Heavenly Father and give him a reason to trust in us! what more could I ask for than to be here giving my time to my Father and my Savior.  I wouldn't trade the ups and downs we have for anything it is how we learn and grow.  The real question we should ask is what more can we do! We are always growing and learning and more so when we are doing what is right and working to reach the potential that our Father in Heaven knows we each have! I hope you could enjoy this story and realize this is the work of the Lord. He gives us the ways to complete the things we need to we just have to stay strong and choose what we know is right! 

I love you all very much and hope you have another amazing week!!!! thanks for all your support and what you do for me! 

Hermana Bauer


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Still Here in Las Puentes!!

NO more worms.... I got them from menudo! cow intestines and inner stomach... it was terrible!!!!!!!!!!! it still had hair on it!!!!

Well I am still here in Las Puentes with Hermana Carrillo!!! happy as ever. They white washed the elders... yes white wash of zone leaders! i couldn't believe it, but things are good, and we are ready to turn this ward upside down! 

The sisters are great and we are working hard with them! We had lots of changes but the sisters with the biggest probs stayed put! I really love this whole sister training leader thing but man its lots of extra work! haha Were you a zone leader in your mission, how did you have time to take care of so many troubled missionaries! 

Randy is in my prayers.. what have they found out! will you tell him that I love him tons granny and grandpa too!  That is good you all fasted, miracles come with fasting and prayer, but we always have to follow the will of our Savior! Hope you have a great week! GO HARD IN THE PAINT! as said by our new assistant to the pres! hahah love you dadio! 

Hermana Bauer su hija mayor

 We had an activity and sent balloons with notes to our loved ones who have passed away telling them thanks for what they have done for us and what we are going to do for them TEMPLE WORK!!!!!! It was awesome! Mini hot air balloons thought a lot about my grandma Annie! 

                                                             Elder Clayton and Elder Mora

Life is Good Here

 I got the package thanks so much!!! I loved it, it was great! The parasites are gone and the old man is not writing anymore notes no stress but it was creepy! hahahah  My scripture about the obra misional is Alma 5:49 and can you put it in Spanish please! Sounds like everything is going well at home, we have changes today and to be honest everything is going really well here I have learned a ton this change!  I am coming down with a cold but I would take that any day over parasites! Don't worry about the lover he is gross and old and creeps me out! The sisters visit him when we are on divisions!!! This week we had CRAZY!!!!!!! divisions both of the sisters I was with had break downs! seriously one admitted to me she is in love with a missionay and just wants to get home to marry him and the other started balling and we didn't sleep till 1 in the morning because she had so many probs! but we got it all worked out and I am just thankful that my mind is in the game here, that my heart is in the work and I am here 100 percent! I am so thankful for everything I am doing here and every opportunity my Father In Heaven is giving me! This week we finally had someone in church she is going to get baptized, she is opening up and loved being with the youth! Really this week was a lot better my comp is super sick but I took care of her she called me mom all week it was super funny waking her up at night to give her meds the whole nine yards! but yeah life is good here! We find out about cambios tonight who knows what will happen but its the Lords will and I will follow! I hope that Randy starts doing better tell them that I love them and that they are in my prayers! My face well I have a face wash... its not changing much! I need to find that cream you told me a while back a go! I love you keep working hard and keep the fam in line. I loved the pics and the cards you guys are the greatest and the clothes are super cute love you! MMUAH! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Opposition In All Things

Well we are going to start with a scripture! 2 Nephi 2:11 look it up.... I am sure you all have your cell phones close if you are not reading from them at this moment! hahah OPPOSITION is needed in all things and I know this is true! These past two weeks have been full of obstacles, ups and downs! Well this past week we hit rock bottom. We started our week off in the office my comp had an interview with president, that actually went very well, this was an UP!!! haha We than had our first set of divisions with some sisters who have been really struggling! Hermana Carrillo and I became very ill over the weekend and we didn't know why.... well we ended up at the doctor the day before divisions! not the mission doctor that's way too far! We just went to an old bishop who is a doctor he took care of us! It turns out we had parasites, the stomach pains and vomiting... except for me! because I wouldn't let myself throw up! (didn't want to pass out haha) was normal for this! no worries! medicine for three days it goes away like that! When we were in division man the poor sisters thought we were dying! but we held strong and divisions actually went very well! The sisters are progressing tons and we even ran into a family that drove us back to the area of the sisters to change companions again!  Then we had our day of man we just can't do it! We were sick and tired of NO! and of feeling so sick! but we knew we had to work through it! Like I said opposition is needed in all things! so off we went! worked hard!  We did are best to enjoy one of our only days together of the week and found TWO new people! One of them being an answer to my prayer! we stopped on a corner and I said sister we NEED new people to teach! She said well then where are we going to go! in that moment a woman walked around the corner I said buenas tardes! stuck my hand out and she passed me... but then came back, we talked to her she really opened up, said she wanted to change her life and then said I turned back because I felt something! IT WAS THE FIRST MIRACLE!!! the night continued and we planned divisions. The next day I went to another area and everything went very well... when we changed back, I found out they had a very WEIRD day here in Las Puentes.. all the way to one of our investigators who was on drugs and our recent convert... well he gave the sisters something for me. A LOVE LETTER! yupp... So now I had to call pres talk to him about a 67 yr old man who wrote me a love letter... and WE ARE TEACHING HIS DAUGHTER!!!! president said we can't let men control the work of the Lord, but changes are in a week! I have no idea what is going to happen but it has just been the craziest week of my life!  After all of this I had HAD IT!  The next day we said a prayer to have a day of miracles literally miracles and I was praying so hard to feel better and get the problems out of my head! Well we know WHY we had the opposition! We found 6 new people to teach in ONE DAY! Two members accompanied us to teach and we really felt the spirit and why we are here! I love my mission being here working day in and out and following the spirit being a tool in the hands of the Lord! This last week of this change we are going to show them what we can do and these new people are going to realize why they need the gospel in their lives! Thanks for your prayers, love and  all you do for me! You are the greatest!!!! Keep up the good work at home! and stay warm! LOVE YOU ALL! 

Hermana Bauer!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A New Year

Sounds like you had a good New Years and Brae yeah she is a trouble maker!  She told me so did Brock haha the little turd!  Well we just had a small dinner with a family other than that it was a normal day but a dead one! NO ONE was home hahahaha but its okay! The next day was the same, because everyone was asleep or hung over but it was good. I ate cow intestines this week covered in cow hair still. I got sick and it was terrible, but I did it!!  Tell grandpa for me. Goals I have lots!!!!!!!!  I am going to finish the Book of Mormon!!!! We are actually going to do it as a mission in 45 days 15 pages a day.  I want to invite you guys to do it with me we start Wednesday! I am really ready to work with all I have all the way to the end! I am going to study an attribute of Christ every day! I want to learn to have more caridad or charity the pure love of Christ in my life. Baptize semanas segidas again! I am going to have better prayers every day and do more exercise!  The goals go on and on, but what I have learned about goals, is we have to have little goals between or you'll never make it! So that's what I'm going for, the little weekly goals right now!  Hermana Carrillo and I are great, we haven't gotten lost and this next week we are going to have lots of divisions!  Hope you guys have a great week!  I know this church is true and this new year is going to be amazing.  I am so thankful I could spent this past year here in the mission with my time and mind in the work of the Lord! Not another thing I would trade it for! Now to finish strong! I have really learned what the atonement of Christ is and humility and how we can apply these two things in our lives each and every day, to help one another grow and learn to be more like our Savior Jesus Christ! I love you! hope you have a great week MUAH! hermana bauer!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Should I go on a Mission?

Its crazy how the small things matter so much! when it comes to the love or friendship of a cousin, or just realizing what an impact you can make on someones life, for a smile even when you don't want to put it on. Later you find that you cannot live without it! crazy huh! At Kyle's farewell is when the idea came into my mind maybe I should serve then came the prayers the reading and the answer! Crazy how everything comes around, Tyler going on  his mission after living with us... and how one of the biggest examples in Kyle's life is his older brother. The strings are a lot closer than we would ever think! Every step we take we should think twice we are always effecting the lives of others! ALWAYS!!!! no mattter what it is.  I am sure thankful for the strings that I have come from and the ones connected to me! The ones I am throwing out and the smile I have been blessed to share! I was so happy to see you all and talk to you it doesn't even seem like it was real! but it was! What a short time I have left I am going to make the best of it! This week we start divisions!!! I am so excited these sisters are going to teach me a ton! and I am really working to have the trust of each and every one though the pure love of Christ!   
We got super sick this week too even had to take a day in the house the day after Christmas it killed us both like a flu bug ew it was terrible but were cured now! LIFE IS GREAT HERE! nothing much has happened new! don't have much time but I sure love you and miss you! it was so good to see you all! how are things at home! things are getting better here! I ate goat on Christmas! that was cool! and we finally have someone progressing we are staring divisions and I am kinda nervous to get lost in my new area but I am getting it learned so were gonna be fine! Well i hope to hear from ya soon and we are going to the offices this week twice hope your package is there! say a prayer or five thanks for everything! your the greatest! MMUAH! 

hermana bauer! su hija mayor

Much work to do

First of all FELIZ birthday DADIO!!!!!! to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you do it the mexican way mom will shove your face in the cake when they sing to you all yelling mordida mordida! hahah hope you can have a great birthday and enjoy every second of it! I am still on the look out for the boots say a prayer in my last area we can find some if not we will have to make a trip back you and me to go shopping they are SUPER CHEAP HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! like 50 bucks! for 300 dollar boots!!!!! thats right! 

Anyway okay yeah its like a zone leader for sisters but we have to TRAVEL to see them because they don't live close we have 6 companionship's! We call them get them excited to work help them when the fight go study with them once a change and do divisions once a change pretty much we don't sleep! haha.  We did our first visit this week! had to wake up at 4:45 yeah haha it was killer and we go to bed late because our planning time goes away with the phone calls! Its super awesome! but its gonna be a load to haul! I am so STOKED!!!! we have our leadership meeting Wednesday so we can plan divisions we are in charge of the Christmas party my comp and I !!!! oh and my comp is like my best friend! she is NUTS!!!!!! I love her!  We are in a DEAD area!!!!! but we are going to change that!!!!!!!!!!!! It is time to bring obedience before everything back here the elders pass about and hour two days a week playing football with the kids... they go to activities for NOTHING! Man I wanted to rip my hair out my first week me and my compa we had a very serious discussion and she said she fell into following their disobedience here! Well we are gonna change them all! from the sisters to the investigators clear to the zone leaders who are DEAD! with the area! so yeah!  We had a miracle baptism!!!! that was amazing with a man named Guillermo he had the missionaries before and was so ready he realized it with us! two lessons! and BOOM! baptism Saturday and confirmed Sunday!

When you work how you should set goals and really keep your mind on the REASONS why we do what we do as missionaries not LETTING the time fly by WASTED!!!!! the Lord puts his trust in you! We are so ready for the change and we are going to show them all that we came here to help others! I am stoked and both of my hijas are in our group!!!! WAHOO!!!!!! Well there is the update better write some other people but remember how muuch I love you thanks for your amazing example of determination and teaching me how to be hard headed for the better! hahahah I love you happy birthday!!!!! 

 painting the house of prayer that is now going to be a rama!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!! yeah 100 people go to church here! and it was blue pink orange green and yellow!!!! WE DID WORK!!!!!! love you all hope you have a great week! work hard play hard! and always pick the Lord first on your team!