Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Listening to the Spirit

Hello Everyone! 

Okay so here is the story... we were teaching this lady and the sign that is outside her house says shes a fortune teller. Well anyway we prayed a lot about teaching her and felt we needed to! After two lessons we still felt good about it and she was progressing! Well we took Lorena our recent convert to visit her with us! They are backdoor neighbors! The lesson was AMAZING!!!!! Lorena was a powerhouse she blew it away the spirit was so strong they were both crying it was just amazing and then we put a baptism date!!!! and Maria Elena accepted and told us she was willing to quit smoking right there she wanted to go to the activities and church and wanted to be baptized in less than a month! WE WERE FLYING HIGH ON THE SPIRIT!!! Well the next day we were in divisions I was n Los Elizondo helping Hermana Calderon! (she is training and her daughter had a breakdown in the morning and we had a huge flash back talk of why we are all here our stories and what is our purpose! I think it helped us all! Hermana Rodriguez is amazing and spent the day in Las Puentes with Hermana Carrillo) so these two passed by and said she would not open the door Hermana Carrillo peaked in and she was doing something weird! Well they felt really gross and that they needed to leave so they went! The next day I returned home to Las Puentes!! We passed by to remind her about church on Sunday! They turned up their music really loud and would not open the door I didn't feel that great even on her porch, so we left a note on the gate and off we went! Sunday night we were looking for a direction and it was near her house (oh they didn't go to church) so we were just  walking down the street and all of the sudden I was like is that the Book of Mormon, my comp said YES! it was crumpled and hanging from her gate! We ran over grab it and to see what happened! she had her door FULL of post its! saying I hate Mormons, leave to die in peace, don't come back. anti Mormon, leave me alone, I wont be baptized, don't come back, and the biggest one I AM A WITCH!!!! we didn't know what we were playing with but we felt terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man i cannot even explain it was like the air was so heavy you didn't want to breathe it! we ran off.  I  needed a blessing for health (yeah got a nasty cough we don't want bronchitis like last year haha) so it was already in our plans to meet up with the elders! When we found them I had my blessing and we told them! They told us to throw away the Book of Mormon! Things have happened before in the mish with like cursed objects and stuff so well of course I was the one with it in my hand! hahah we went to a park and threw it away and then.. well yeah everything was good and we have to write to future missionaries to NEVER enter that house again! I really gained a testimony of how protected and blessed we are by the Lord and His love for each of his children, even if she does the things she does he wanted her to have the opportunity to learn! He sent us there! We entered that house under fervent prayer and received our answer! This is a great example of our right to choose we each have the opportunity to choose right from wrong! sometimes its hard and maybe its not playing with spirits and doing witch craft, but each and every choice we make will change our lives so look for the ones that will change it for the better!  A lot of other crazy stuff happened this week, I sure learned a lot! I am so thankful to be here on the mission and to have the opportunity to teach others of this amazing gospel! I have really seen a lot of changes in myself as well! The ability to listen and feel the spirit is something we have to strive for and practice! I also had an amazing experience with Hermanan Henao this week in Felipe!!!! DIVISIONS! we felt we needed to visit a menos activa! and Hermana Henao had not met her yet! We went and knocked the door she answered but was so tired! She told us sorry about the mess and that I was sleeping I just got home from helping my mom. She is a young mother! she told us her dad passed away Thursday! We had NOTHING planned to teach her just felt we needed to pass. So we listened and listened about her father and how it is hard for them but they know he is where he needs to be now! Listening we were looking for a scripture to share at the same time we opened up to Ether 12!!! I thought no... that is not what we need to share then I glanced at the scriptures of my comp.. she had the same page and pointed to verse 4! we invited her to read it and she began bawling... she expressed to us her feeling of this scripture and that it is the favorite of her father!!!!! We were completely led by the spirit! It was amazing and an answer to this sisters prayers! THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS WORK!!!!  Working  in the hands of our Lord and he changes lives! We just have the opportunity to watch it happen!!!! I love you all and hope you have a great Valentines Day and week! Your all the greatest, thanks for your prayers and love! 

Hermana Bauer! 

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