Sunday, January 4, 2015

Much work to do

First of all FELIZ birthday DADIO!!!!!! to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you do it the mexican way mom will shove your face in the cake when they sing to you all yelling mordida mordida! hahah hope you can have a great birthday and enjoy every second of it! I am still on the look out for the boots say a prayer in my last area we can find some if not we will have to make a trip back you and me to go shopping they are SUPER CHEAP HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! like 50 bucks! for 300 dollar boots!!!!! thats right! 

Anyway okay yeah its like a zone leader for sisters but we have to TRAVEL to see them because they don't live close we have 6 companionship's! We call them get them excited to work help them when the fight go study with them once a change and do divisions once a change pretty much we don't sleep! haha.  We did our first visit this week! had to wake up at 4:45 yeah haha it was killer and we go to bed late because our planning time goes away with the phone calls! Its super awesome! but its gonna be a load to haul! I am so STOKED!!!! we have our leadership meeting Wednesday so we can plan divisions we are in charge of the Christmas party my comp and I !!!! oh and my comp is like my best friend! she is NUTS!!!!!! I love her!  We are in a DEAD area!!!!! but we are going to change that!!!!!!!!!!!! It is time to bring obedience before everything back here the elders pass about and hour two days a week playing football with the kids... they go to activities for NOTHING! Man I wanted to rip my hair out my first week me and my compa we had a very serious discussion and she said she fell into following their disobedience here! Well we are gonna change them all! from the sisters to the investigators clear to the zone leaders who are DEAD! with the area! so yeah!  We had a miracle baptism!!!! that was amazing with a man named Guillermo he had the missionaries before and was so ready he realized it with us! two lessons! and BOOM! baptism Saturday and confirmed Sunday!

When you work how you should set goals and really keep your mind on the REASONS why we do what we do as missionaries not LETTING the time fly by WASTED!!!!! the Lord puts his trust in you! We are so ready for the change and we are going to show them all that we came here to help others! I am stoked and both of my hijas are in our group!!!! WAHOO!!!!!! Well there is the update better write some other people but remember how muuch I love you thanks for your amazing example of determination and teaching me how to be hard headed for the better! hahahah I love you happy birthday!!!!! 

 painting the house of prayer that is now going to be a rama!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!! yeah 100 people go to church here! and it was blue pink orange green and yellow!!!! WE DID WORK!!!!!! love you all hope you have a great week! work hard play hard! and always pick the Lord first on your team!

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