Thursday, March 19, 2015

February 16, 2015

 Sounds like the fam is good! trouble makers skipping out on church! the wind was defiantly your reward! hahaah sounds like fun though! Man it is crazy to think it is going to be March and then we won't have long until we talk again! WEIRD!!!! Yeah last week was nuts! ( the witch) haha but the spirit saves us more than once a day! haha tell Madi congrats and Brae that she needs to follow her example and she will be great this year!! man Bridger he is a handful I am sure, I cannot even imagine him haha his poor teacher! how is his spanish going! You will have to let him know I am looking forward to having my first conversation with him in espa├▒ol. This week Pablo and Melissa were married the son of our recent converts the ones in the pics of the other week!  Lorena helped us do visits it is so cool to have her fresh excited testimony out in the street with us!!! What a strong spirit she has!!! this week not much is new we have a new investigator but her mom has to give her permission to be baptized she is like 15!!! the Lord will find the way!! Well hope you have a great week I sure love you and thanks for all you do! I will use the face wash when I get it and  the package is here I will have it Thursday! Thanks so much mom your the greatest! 
                   Valentines cotton candy! It kind of  tasted like paint and it painted our tounges PINK!!

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