Sunday, January 4, 2015

Should I go on a Mission?

Its crazy how the small things matter so much! when it comes to the love or friendship of a cousin, or just realizing what an impact you can make on someones life, for a smile even when you don't want to put it on. Later you find that you cannot live without it! crazy huh! At Kyle's farewell is when the idea came into my mind maybe I should serve then came the prayers the reading and the answer! Crazy how everything comes around, Tyler going on  his mission after living with us... and how one of the biggest examples in Kyle's life is his older brother. The strings are a lot closer than we would ever think! Every step we take we should think twice we are always effecting the lives of others! ALWAYS!!!! no mattter what it is.  I am sure thankful for the strings that I have come from and the ones connected to me! The ones I am throwing out and the smile I have been blessed to share! I was so happy to see you all and talk to you it doesn't even seem like it was real! but it was! What a short time I have left I am going to make the best of it! This week we start divisions!!! I am so excited these sisters are going to teach me a ton! and I am really working to have the trust of each and every one though the pure love of Christ!   
We got super sick this week too even had to take a day in the house the day after Christmas it killed us both like a flu bug ew it was terrible but were cured now! LIFE IS GREAT HERE! nothing much has happened new! don't have much time but I sure love you and miss you! it was so good to see you all! how are things at home! things are getting better here! I ate goat on Christmas! that was cool! and we finally have someone progressing we are staring divisions and I am kinda nervous to get lost in my new area but I am getting it learned so were gonna be fine! Well i hope to hear from ya soon and we are going to the offices this week twice hope your package is there! say a prayer or five thanks for everything! your the greatest! MMUAH! 

hermana bauer! su hija mayor

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