Thursday, March 19, 2015

You could say we are seeing miracles

Hello !!! 
How are you all doing snowed in! we are getting some rain here but that's about it!!!!  That's to bad about Aunt Sharon.  I can't even explain to you mom how much my testimony has grown on the plan of salvation in my mission it is amazing. I really hope you and dad are going to the temple because it is one of the biggest responsibilities we have here on the earth and truly one of the closest houses there are to God! 

I am so proud of Chey it is going to change her life, it has sure changed mine!!!! and it will change her fam as well!!! man that's awesome! glad the Stubb's are doing well as well! awe you will do great on your talk! 
Thanks so much I got the package and it was great Hermana Carrillo loved her notes and so did i!!! she uses her bracelet every day mine broke haahh but hers is holdin up!!! 

What a week it has been here!!! I cannot even believe it!!!! WE had a reference from our stake pres a 23 yr old kid that just showed up at the institute building!!! He is awesome!!! His family has one of the most famous taco stands in Central De Monterrey! oh and he was in the church eight years ago said a prayer asked if it was true saw an angel in a dream that said he needed to study and know more before he was baptized so he did and now he feels ready, so he has been looking for a church and found one! The stake center! We had our first lesson with him he is super excited and the rest of his family are super awesome as well their biggest problem is they work Sundays but the kid will changes that fast I have no worries in my mind!!!!  We have one 14 yr old who is like a member but we are going to fast this week and convince her mother to sign her papers to be baptized!!!! She is so ready, she is the bishops neighbor and loves the church!!!!  We also had another person ask us to come bless their house, so we asked to elders to come with us! We went with her she was the mom of an old investigator who turned out to be crazy well its crazy how the Lord works! because she spilled everything accepted baptism told us she drinks but just one beer every night to be able to sleep that's all she needs to change.  The elders blessed the house and we have a lesson with her today! She is super excited and accepted baptism she said she knows its what she has to do!!!!!! Yeah you could say we are seeing miracles and I love my area my comp and this work!!!!!!!! 

Hope you guys have a great week.  Love you so much!!!! talk to you next week! We have changes coming up AAAHH! 

Hermana Bauer 
                                                                    P-day taco run

                                                     Temple day with the Fonseca Family

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