Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sister Training Leader!! in Las Puentes

Well they are here, changes they have came... and I am off and flying... here we go are you all sitting down... i am off to Las Puentes! a super fresa area!!!!!!!!! once again to soften some hearts and find the love for the prideful!!! but this time as SISTER TRAINING LEADER!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I recieved some personal revelation a little while ago about changes but you all know how I am and i don't like to believe things the first time and the Lord sometimes has to SMACK me in the face with things... well here ya go! we went to stake conference the day after I had divisions in Las Puentes and EVERY PERSON I met came up to me and remembered my name (from divisions)  said hi to me and asked me when I was going to come eat with them even a few that I didn't know... I was praying at this time about my new comp and for her to be prepared to receive me as a companion and that I would be prepared for the responsibility in my new area! Well there was my SMACK in the face I KNEW my change! Sure enough we received them last night and in a few hours I am off with ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS OF THE MISSION!!!!!! her name is Hermana Carrillo and she is from Senora its right below Arizona.  She lives a few hours from Debra and we already have plans to meet each other half way the whole shabang!  When we were in divisions we felt it... this is going to be an amazing time... but man I am sad to leave my home here in Felipe six months with my hija and super amazing friend Hermana Suarez!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of her the progress she has made every step we have made together! What an adventure we have had and we have never stopped and won't stop here! Cannot wait for the ones that come! HERE WE GOOOO!!!!! wish me luck! Love you all! Remember that changes are for the best.. we have to change to grow and put the bad things behind us to know the good!  
Hermana Carrillo

 Christmas is sure in the air!!! I cannot believe it!!!  We sure did have ourselves an early Christmas thank you so much for the cute stuff the pjs, the slippers, the pillow case almost made me cry and the stockings were awesome!!!! We were packing all night last night and I am off in a few hours, I cannot even believe it!!!! We bought each other pjs and took some pics, had to do it with her! because she is so amazing and we are not going to be together for Christmas but i am going to be with Hermana Carrillo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is like my bestest friend next to Hermana Sumsion in the mish  I am so stoked for this next change we are going to kill it! this area where she is has been pretty dead for a long time and we are going to change that! I am so ready to do it! and open it back up! I have had an amazing time here and cannot believe it is closing 6 months later.... cannot wait to talk to you guys!  We had the coolest family home evening with  the gift we want to give to Christ this year! You guys should watch that this Christmas eve and give your gifts to Christ, what you guys want to give to Him and I will tell you guys mine when we talk! I sure love you all and hope you have a great week! Be safe keep up the good work!!! How is Bill doing, still going strong in the church, headed for the temple or do we need to give him a few slaps on the back... haha what's the story there! love you all, tell everyone hi!!!

                                                                        Christmas pj's

Claudia's Baptism

Well well well... only miss me when ya do somethin special I see how it is! hahah nah kidding! Sounds like fun! We ate tamales on Thanksgiving and didn't do anything I made my comp some french toast and wrote her a note in the morning because I needed to cook something hahahahaha!!!!!! Christmas ya it is going to be weird! we have your package. Changes are this week I am not going to be able to pack your presents look like an early Christmas for me!!! waho! hahahaha but yeah this is our last week together I am super sad!!!! We have 5 weeks in a row baptizing!  This week we have one planned but its going to take a miracle and a big one at that!!!!!!! We know it can happen! If we baptize this week we will have baptized every week this change! pres is so happy with us and every one says I am going to  be a sister training leader... I am super super nervous for changes i don't want to leave here, I am like a member after 6 months in the same area!!! yeah its going to be rough!!! but we have to change to teach and to learn! Although I am so excited for my next adventure!!!!!

This week we had the baptism of Claudia it was AMAZING!!!!! she made me cry with her testimony, and now her mom wants to be baptized!  She is such a sweetheart and going to have her baby in this week or the next is what the doc told her!!! super pregnant!!! They tried to baptize her in a chair but it didn't fly so they had to do it soooo slow! It was amazing to see the smile on her face and to have the company of the recent converts and feel the spirit!  The work of the lord is amazing when you do it in His hands, we just follow His steps and we make it! These people are so special so prepared by Him and I have grown and learned sooo much in these past six months! 

Bridge! that kills me! he is sooooo my little man cannot wait to be able to talk to him and all of you I showed pres the Book of Mormon that bridge drew and president loved it!!!! He even said that you have a very strong future missionary on your hands just keep him on the right track!
Glad to hear you know about the THE GIFT!!!! we are inviting at the least ten people a day to watch the video if you go into the page it is in spanish!!! haha it is amazing I love it we are planning a family home evening for EVERYONE contacts friends family members menos activos to watch it Sunday.  We are going to do an activity where they write what they want to give to the Savior this Christmas and really focus in how we don't need the material things its is going to be great! Emanuel the doc is doing great!!!! so is everyone else! There is so much work and people to teach we just have to open up our eyes and work in the hands of the Lord.  Thank you so much for your great example and help tell Madi I am playing right now for every baptism and I am going to play for Christmas I think. I wish I had more time to practice it is getting harder as time goes on.... hahah tell her to get on it and thanks for the music hope you all have a great week be safe and I love you! 

Hermana Bauer

Emanuel's Baptism

This week....two things 


WE BAPTIZED EMANUEL!!!!!!!! the doctor!!!!! he had his interview with president! and he passed and you will never guess what he did, he asked pres to baptize him YES HE DID! so president said yes and pres came the next day we had the baptism it was great and yeah! WOW I couldn't even believe it.  Everyone is dying that he did what he did, asking pres to come and it happened, but he said if he had to talk to the big man he wanted to have him there for his big day so he did it! 
                                                                  Emanuel and the Elders

 We had stake conference it was great Miguel, Pedro and Emanuel and going strong!!!! Rocio and Hugo got in a huge fight and Hugo blamed it on the church or something called the relief society pres told us to stop leaving them post its that they needed to take a break! I wanted to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but we cannot do anything we don't even know what happened. I am waiting for a letter from Alejandro from my first area one of my first baptisms, wanting to see if he has started his papers for the mish yet! 

My comp is amazing!!!! We are not going to be together for Christmas... two weeks we have changes I am super sad...... but change is for the best!!! We all have to get used to it in the mish!!!  
 Sounds like everything is great at home so glad to hear it! Thanks for the support dad, really the people are moving along and are so amazing cannot wait till you can meet them!  They are amazing people!!!! I sure love you! hope you have a great week keep up everything with the fam and farm and i will hold down mexico! 

Love you!!!! Hermana Bauer
                                                          Families in my area.
                                                                   The Aburto Family

                                                                 The Rodriguez Family

                                                                   The Salazar Family

                                                                      The Sosa Family

Pedro's Baptism

How are you doing!!!! Glad you made it through your crazy week looks like it was a good one and everyone is happy! Brock says you are mad about his present cause Bridge went nuts! bahahahha!!!! man! how I would have loved to see that one cannot wait until Christmas to talk to you all! but in the mean time things are great here! This week Pedro was baptized a 15 year old who really wants to turn his life around! He is super awesome and is stoked to teach his mom and little brother more about the church! It is going to be so fun to give him a missionary experience with his family!

Hugo is doing great!!! I was the happiest girl in the world! 

The doctor  went to mexico for two weeks and came to church on Sunday.  He is so different I have a very strong feeling he is going to be baptized this week!!!! Pray a lot for EMANUEL!!!!! he is really seeing the light and becoming humble! 

This week was an amazing one here but it is getting cold! Not like home though! haha good luck with that we are at about 40 degrees! Bought me some boots today because my legs are freezing! and keep getting wet I remembered Hermana Sumsion had some and always wore them in the cold! I went for it! 

I will try to get that acne medicine and ask about it! I will let you know thanks a million have a great week and give everyone loves! 

Hermana Bauer! 

Hugo's Baptism

Hugo's baptism was perfect! oh I wanted to just cry of joy the spirit was so strong and we are going to be able to go to the temple with them to do baptisms for the first time in this change! AAHH!! I am just so excited you better get your visa going so we can come down do go through the temple with them!!! haha they are so ready to start temple prep they are already asking about it! Rocio just got a calling in relief society and Hugo will have one shortly! He is stoked to get the priesthood and They are some special people!!! and what they have become they will never stop growing!!! 

Emanuel fell off the face of the earth!!!! we cannot seem to find him he has gone into hibernation or something but... we really feel like he is going to find his humility and come out of hiding this week!!! its been a rough  week with him and Miguel!... he drank this week BEFORE HE WAS CONFIRMED!!!!!!! he is going to have to talk to the bishop and yeah.... super migraine about him right now. 

We have another baptism this week as long as his mom says yes! His step dad is menos activo and his mom is christian he is super excited and way ready!!! Loves being in church and is friends with everyone! his name is Pedro! he was super lost and it is awesome to see him finding his little group! LOVE IT!!!! 

Claudia! She is just amazing has a date for the 30th she finally left the hospital and her and her baby are alright! They went to church Sunday and we have an appointment with her whole family tonight!!!!! She loves learning and is teaching EVERYONE!!!!! All the way to the menos activa nurse she had in the hospital! She is super prepared by the Lord!
 Well we are almost half way through this change! I don't want it to come to an end. I will have 7 and a half months here in the same area, oh how I am going to miss it here!!!!!! but changes have to happen.... its for the best, and I still have about three weeks! I am super proud of Madi she did so great!  Man the family just sounds great! Hope you have a great week, I love you!