Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Opposition In All Things

Well we are going to start with a scripture! 2 Nephi 2:11 look it up.... I am sure you all have your cell phones close if you are not reading from them at this moment! hahah OPPOSITION is needed in all things and I know this is true! These past two weeks have been full of obstacles, ups and downs! Well this past week we hit rock bottom. We started our week off in the office my comp had an interview with president, that actually went very well, this was an UP!!! haha We than had our first set of divisions with some sisters who have been really struggling! Hermana Carrillo and I became very ill over the weekend and we didn't know why.... well we ended up at the doctor the day before divisions! not the mission doctor that's way too far! We just went to an old bishop who is a doctor he took care of us! It turns out we had parasites, the stomach pains and vomiting... except for me! because I wouldn't let myself throw up! (didn't want to pass out haha) was normal for this! no worries! medicine for three days it goes away like that! When we were in division man the poor sisters thought we were dying! but we held strong and divisions actually went very well! The sisters are progressing tons and we even ran into a family that drove us back to the area of the sisters to change companions again!  Then we had our day of man we just can't do it! We were sick and tired of NO! and of feeling so sick! but we knew we had to work through it! Like I said opposition is needed in all things! so off we went! worked hard!  We did are best to enjoy one of our only days together of the week and found TWO new people! One of them being an answer to my prayer! we stopped on a corner and I said sister we NEED new people to teach! She said well then where are we going to go! in that moment a woman walked around the corner I said buenas tardes! stuck my hand out and she passed me... but then came back, we talked to her she really opened up, said she wanted to change her life and then said I turned back because I felt something! IT WAS THE FIRST MIRACLE!!! the night continued and we planned divisions. The next day I went to another area and everything went very well... when we changed back, I found out they had a very WEIRD day here in Las Puentes.. all the way to one of our investigators who was on drugs and our recent convert... well he gave the sisters something for me. A LOVE LETTER! yupp... So now I had to call pres talk to him about a 67 yr old man who wrote me a love letter... and WE ARE TEACHING HIS DAUGHTER!!!! president said we can't let men control the work of the Lord, but changes are in a week! I have no idea what is going to happen but it has just been the craziest week of my life!  After all of this I had HAD IT!  The next day we said a prayer to have a day of miracles literally miracles and I was praying so hard to feel better and get the problems out of my head! Well we know WHY we had the opposition! We found 6 new people to teach in ONE DAY! Two members accompanied us to teach and we really felt the spirit and why we are here! I love my mission being here working day in and out and following the spirit being a tool in the hands of the Lord! This last week of this change we are going to show them what we can do and these new people are going to realize why they need the gospel in their lives! Thanks for your prayers, love and  all you do for me! You are the greatest!!!! Keep up the good work at home! and stay warm! LOVE YOU ALL! 

Hermana Bauer!

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