Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Fonseca Family

Well this is the miracle of the week! ... hope you enjoy it! 

the one on the left is. Hermano Pablo, he was baptized in May last year. He was a bit of a trouble maker but now has become an amazing father of three.  Four months after his baptism he helped to convert is oldest brother and about a week ago the wife of his brother was baptized ( Miguel his brother is the last one on the right)
Hermano Pablo has been a strong convert living the gospel and sharing with everyone how it has changed his life... and this is where the story begins! 
One night his parents were in town they live in Mexico Mexico but came and stay with him for months at a time (his mom is in the pink in the pic)  Hermana Lorena has always listened to us. but did not want to take the examples of her kids as an answer she wanted and has been looking for her OWN answer, something special.  She always reads her Book of Mormon and even when she was tired from work listened to at 8:30 pm when she got off. All because she wanted to know more and was waiting for her amazing experience her answer. When I got to this area she had gone off to Mexico to feed all the people who go and worship  the giant Virgin Mary she has outside of her house. When she finally got home she wanted to listen again and I had the chance to meet her. She wanted an answer but really was not putting her heart into it because she didn't want to change the things she knew she had to. When she came back we had the chance to meet her hubby who she Hermana Genaro he told us the missionaries had been visiting him in mexico!!! (the man in the middle of the first pic :D ) We saw why the missionaries stopped teaching him he showed no interest, but we felt something special about him and he listened to us and was happy with his wife by his side!.  They had a lot of problems but, two weeks ago Thursday we challenged them to be baptized the first of February!  They responded with if they receive answers they will be baptized. We showed up for the lesson Saturday and we had a FULL HOUSE!!! 15 people!  We had a family night did some games and got to know everyone we focused on the faith.. but were left hanging not knowing how they were feeling with the whole date of baptism.

Last Thursday we were in the middle of a lesson and one of their daughters called (the two daughters live in mexico) they were informed that their youngest daughter had a party alcohol smoking the whole nine yards IN THEIR HOUSE!  The older sister was upset and could not control the situation! they both began to teach that they had never done these things and never taught them to do them either, it is not what they wanted for their daughters and they let them know it. We had planned to teach the word of wisdom but we listened to them teach it over the phone to their two daughters! It was absolutely perfect!! hehe we taught castidad and diezmo!  We asked about 1 de February they still were not so sure looking for that answer..,.this last Friday we had an activity misional in the ward, the goal was for them to get excited and feel the spirit, but they had tons of OPOSICIÓN, they said they didn't know if they would be going home to mexico for their daughters or getting baptized! They were given a blessing by their sons and received peace and comfort from the faith and desire they truly had inside to receive their answers! They did not go to mexico and we had an amazing lesson with them in the temple! There was a ward trip and we had permission to go with the new converts! They met us there and we had a lesson inside in the waiting room!. The president came and talked to them and others who could not enter, we all felt this peace and spirit that you can only have in the temple even of we were not inside! It was an amazing experience and they accepted baptism for the next day with a firm stand on their decision.  :D 

We left the temple and off to their interviews! :D 
The next day (Sunday) we ran to the chapel at FIVE IN THE MORNING to begin filling the font. The baptism was at eight before the services at nine.  We were up at four and preparing for it all within this time! :D hehe They got there at eight and we began! the whole family came with members and non members  Hermano Pablo baptized his mom Hermana Lorena and Miguel Genaro! 

 Through all of the opposition and difficulties the time and efforts of everyone they were baptized! They bought their own white clothes.  I played my violin with my comp singing!! It was a very special service! Off we went to sacrament barley making it before the prayer! they were confirmed as members of the church and recieve the Holy Ghost that day!  Hermana Lorena went up front to bare her testimony all on her own we didn't even say anything and shared her story!  She explained she has the change she had been waiting for. They were very happy and grateful for all they had gone through, all they want is to get to the temple and have their family forever and that their last couple kids can become members as well and feel what they are feeling!
As you can all see it has been a very special week for the family Fonseca and for us as well.  The Lord can touch hearts in many ways and touched theirs  We all can help others have experiences as this one if we share what we know is true and help those around us.  We are very happy and would not trade this experience for anything, this is what makes me happy, this is what keeps us going, this is why we live the way we do.  Each one of us can change the lives of others but only if we trust in our Heavenly Father and give him a reason to trust in us! what more could I ask for than to be here giving my time to my Father and my Savior.  I wouldn't trade the ups and downs we have for anything it is how we learn and grow.  The real question we should ask is what more can we do! We are always growing and learning and more so when we are doing what is right and working to reach the potential that our Father in Heaven knows we each have! I hope you could enjoy this story and realize this is the work of the Lord. He gives us the ways to complete the things we need to we just have to stay strong and choose what we know is right! 

I love you all very much and hope you have another amazing week!!!! thanks for all your support and what you do for me! 

Hermana Bauer


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