Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A New Year

Sounds like you had a good New Years and Brae yeah she is a trouble maker!  She told me so did Brock haha the little turd!  Well we just had a small dinner with a family other than that it was a normal day but a dead one! NO ONE was home hahahaha but its okay! The next day was the same, because everyone was asleep or hung over but it was good. I ate cow intestines this week covered in cow hair still. I got sick and it was terrible, but I did it!!  Tell grandpa for me. Goals I have lots!!!!!!!!  I am going to finish the Book of Mormon!!!! We are actually going to do it as a mission in 45 days 15 pages a day.  I want to invite you guys to do it with me we start Wednesday! I am really ready to work with all I have all the way to the end! I am going to study an attribute of Christ every day! I want to learn to have more caridad or charity the pure love of Christ in my life. Baptize semanas segidas again! I am going to have better prayers every day and do more exercise!  The goals go on and on, but what I have learned about goals, is we have to have little goals between or you'll never make it! So that's what I'm going for, the little weekly goals right now!  Hermana Carrillo and I are great, we haven't gotten lost and this next week we are going to have lots of divisions!  Hope you guys have a great week!  I know this church is true and this new year is going to be amazing.  I am so thankful I could spent this past year here in the mission with my time and mind in the work of the Lord! Not another thing I would trade it for! Now to finish strong! I have really learned what the atonement of Christ is and humility and how we can apply these two things in our lives each and every day, to help one another grow and learn to be more like our Savior Jesus Christ! I love you! hope you have a great week MUAH! hermana bauer!

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