Thursday, March 19, 2015

Changes are coming!!!

well you got that right last week, well day well half of a day before changes!!!! I don't want them!!!!!!!!!!!! but the Lord knows best!!! you know that's how we do things! How the lord wants!!! This week was really great! We have a family, they are AMAZING!!!!!!!! and super ready to have the gospel in their lives! OH MAN!!! I cannot even handle this week!! we had the coolest studies then this family, then my best friend slash comp is going away, I don't know what I am going to do.   One of my best missionary friend's  is the new assistant to the pres!!!!! that's cool!  It has been freezing and raining all week including today, in health we are doing good!!!! that's so awesome!!! that brae made the choir!!! I had some super person revelation this week, its almost time to start having these types of answers to my prayers and I wasn't even asking but i just felt it the other day.  I  have studied my blessing because of Madi and all that and.. well.... your going to die, but I think I am going to study MUSIC!!! I think I am going to be a music teacher. Yeah I said it, it left my fingers, and my mouth more than once this week! crazy stuff huh! nothing for sure! but its a new thought! Wow!!! sounds like you had a good week! Sorry this letter is super out of order and there is not much sense to it I am a little stressed today about changes! haha and there are just lots of little random, things to tell ya! but we are doing really well here and I am happy as ever now wanting it to end!!!! I didn't know grandpa sully had cancer i don't think you ever told me that but please tell him I love him!  I hope you have a great week I love you your in my prayers don't worry about lambs and snow the Lord knows what we need, He tests us but it will all come out on tops! You will do great on your talks this week!!!! don't worry I will give one for you this week here! Love you tons mom thanks for everything! 

su hija mayor y misionera! Hermana Bauer
Wow!!!! what a week eh! Well I cannot even beat your week I don't think... maybe we can hit equal on the scale! man me and hna Carrillo are one fire with our investigators.. they are flying! we went on strike outside of one of our investigators houses to see get the signature from the mom of Jazmin... in fast and everything. the Lord made it very clear it was not her time not for her but for the mom. Something tells me that the time for her baptism is when the mom wants to listen and be baptized as well, because Jazmiin isn't going to stop going to church! She is the coolest little joven ever!!!! she is going to be friends with Brae they are tons a like!!!! Then there is papa don chema and the fam! they are super escogidos! and so ready love love love teaching them!!!! man oh and this week.... welp ya know 4 months... isn't that  much.. I know pres told ya all not to talk about it but me and my comp woke up the other day all freaked out... the way satan works huh... so we started our studies an hour early at seven! NEEDED IT!!!! I am reading in Alma and well read some war strategy!!!  We are just fighting a battle and in this battle we are really learned how to wear our armor like the things you said in your letter! each of these things are part of yours and mine its the armor of God that we need. We have found it in different places it becomes stronger in different experiences but when we come together again we will be to the point of a family so strong that the Lord will be very please with us! He has blessed us so much that I have lost count a long time ago! haha but el seƱor probara! the time will come for everything! we have seen it happen before and it will happen again!" I love that you had an eye opening week so did I!!! I love you so much dad! you are such an amazing example for me! and for so many of los de mas!!! keep working, growing and moving forward! You are changing lives of so many!!!!! Thanks for all that you do, have a great week! and don't stress to much!!!! I love you have a great week talk to you Monday then you will know about changes! 

Hermana Bauer su hija mayor primera misionera! 

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