Thursday, March 19, 2015

Put your shoulder to the wheel

This has been a week FULL LOADED! Well starting with us... short and sweet! We have some amazing investigators and we see their progression each day! We don't go a day without seeing miracles and we are doing great! I love Hermana Villareal! her love for this work, her area, the sisters, and the investigators is outstanding! I love working with her because we have no limits! It is amazing! We are really pushing ourselves to do the very best we can to help ALL that we can in each responsibility that we have at this time! Our goals are really keeping me on my toes and we are loving it! HNO Pill WHO WAS BAPTIZED this week is happier than ever and a few members mistook him as a missionary on Sunday! He really is an amazing guy and going to change some lives! Sure hope he chooses to serve the mission! That would be so cool! His dad wants to get baptized but can't because he was married to two people at the same time and would have to divorce with someone in Vera Cruz and its a long story.... but Pillo is working on it!!!! haha We had Paola in the church this week a 24 yr old girl super shy but so cute who really wants to know where her dad is, who passed away two years ago! She is awesome we put a date with Rosalve! 11th of April is her baptism! super stoked! too much to tell things just happen every second but we are happier than ever the sisters on the other hand... gonna send you guys my report of the sisters this is all that went down this week . 

Okay well, now for the sisters! It has been a very interesting week with these sisters of zion!

We started with our divisions with San Nico they are doing great with their area getting used to everything and getting it all in order! hna Granja is really fighting hard with her illness.  she is one of my best friends here in the mish super strong but really suffers from lots of problem with her health!!!) but she doesn't want to give up and she won't give up until the Lord tells her to. She is worried about the stress that her companionship is causing. She knows that it is not helping, but it has forced her to become even more humble in all she does and recognize all her disabilities to become even stronger! She is an amazing missionary and so super strong! She is an example for me! Her and hna Brooks can make it through this if the health of hna Granja will allow it! Their studies were the best part!!!! We all came out with different studies about love, and shared how we could show our love better with companions with people but the best part was it was what the spirit lead each of us to read not what we told them to study it was just what we all studied! They are both greatly growing. We know that hna Granja is going to see you today, we are praying for her and know that the both of you will receive the answer correct that the Lord needs for her! She is an amazing servant of the Lord and has really had an amazing run here! What ever the Lord is going to allow her to do, He has a lot planned for her, she is in our thoughts fasts and prayers

We went Jueves to do studies with Anahuac. We got a little lost looking for their house... whoops! haha but it was what the Lord wanted because we arrived at 8:30 and they were both sleeping still. hahah that was fun!!!!! 

We saw hna Zatarain MI HIJA!!!!! and hna Ashcraft! They are super excited! working sooo hard and want to be better every day! They have put some great goals together with us and we are all working together!!!! supporting each other, its going to be a great change for them! Hna Ashcraft is kinda in a weird stag right now, but she is still happy and wants to work! She has put rules for herself about her thoughts and the things her and her companion talk about! They don't talk about the house! haha and hna Zatarain is really helping her in this! 

For two weeks now...  The sisters just told us she was a little sick, until this week. When we were on divisions I talked a lot with hna Rodriguez and it is stress that is causing it she is sick from something!. I think that it is the stress that is the reason she can not get better, but she has something wrong. I have never seen someone in such pain when we came back to her house, migraine and back pains! I was on my toes heating towels trying to keep her calmed down and help  her sleep or something so she could stop crying. She told me very directly the Lord is trying to teach her about pride. I don't know what that means for her or for you but I want to know if there is anything you can think of other than be in good contact with them checking up and helping them smile, that we can do to help. They are both suffering because they both want so badly to work, hna Calderon had learned more than she can explain in this time and come to love and want to be in her area. She cares a lot for her companion and only wants the best for her. She talked to you about everything so there is not much to say but we have been in contact with them daily and are just waiting to see what else we can do for these amazing sisters! If you have suggestions ideas or info, give us a call please, she is in our fasts and prayers!  

This week we are going to have divisions with Sabinas Hidalgo they are doing pretty good and we are going to help hna Baisden smile a little more! (from her heart cause we all know she is smiling on the outside) and we are going to see Felipe for divisions!! They are having a lot of desafios with their investigators but they are staying strong and we are gonna see what else we can do for them this week! 

Lots of things have passed this week, and the adversairy is sure working hard on the servants of the Lord, but we don't fall, we just become stronger!!!! I love when we can realize what our weaknesses are because we can put the goals to build them up! We can feel the support of the Lord and its like a check point to see what we are doing what we are not and WHAT MORE we can do! I love the mission, I love this gospel, and I love to see what more we can and will do each and every day! Because this is the plan of our heavenly father and we are his team, so we have to show Him what we can do and that we have his back ALWAYS!!!! I wanna invite you guys this week to look for the problems you have, and find the solutions, see the blessings and love each and every difficulty you have! Life isn't easy, but if it was, it wouldn't be fun!!!! Love each and every one of you thanks for your prayers and love your all the greatest! keep on keeping on! and put your shoulder to the wheel! 

love Hermana Bauer! 

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