Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Still Here in Las Puentes!!

NO more worms.... I got them from menudo! cow intestines and inner stomach... it was terrible!!!!!!!!!!! it still had hair on it!!!!

Well I am still here in Las Puentes with Hermana Carrillo!!! happy as ever. They white washed the elders... yes white wash of zone leaders! i couldn't believe it, but things are good, and we are ready to turn this ward upside down! 

The sisters are great and we are working hard with them! We had lots of changes but the sisters with the biggest probs stayed put! I really love this whole sister training leader thing but man its lots of extra work! haha Were you a zone leader in your mission, how did you have time to take care of so many troubled missionaries! 

Randy is in my prayers.. what have they found out! will you tell him that I love him tons granny and grandpa too!  That is good you all fasted, miracles come with fasting and prayer, but we always have to follow the will of our Savior! Hope you have a great week! GO HARD IN THE PAINT! as said by our new assistant to the pres! hahah love you dadio! 

Hermana Bauer su hija mayor

 We had an activity and sent balloons with notes to our loved ones who have passed away telling them thanks for what they have done for us and what we are going to do for them TEMPLE WORK!!!!!! It was awesome! Mini hot air balloons thought a lot about my grandma Annie! 

                                                             Elder Clayton and Elder Mora

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