Thursday, March 19, 2015


Nathan McBride, an LDS missionary serving in Mexico, died suddenly of a heart attack while playing soccer with community members Friday.
When McBride, 20, collapsed during a break in the game, other players called paramedics and performed CPR, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. He had just started the second year of his two-year mission.
Tri-City Herald said that McBride’s parents, Robert and Rhonda McBride, were shocked when a church official delivered the news to their home late Friday because his son was healthy and didn’t have any medical conditions. They were told that there was no sign of damage or harm to Nathan’s body.
The family is working with the American Consulate to get McBride’s body home. They are hoping to have the funeral Jan. 24.
McBride was known as a dedicated student who maintained a 3.8 grade-point average and had dreams of becoming an orthopedic surgeon one day. He spent his time volunteering at a local Humane Society, and was an active kid who loved pole vaulting, playing basketball, hiking, and fishing.
“Nathan was serving the Lord as a missionary and he was doing what he was supposed to be doing,” Robert McBride told Tri-City Herald. “And he was happy, he was very happy. He loved what he was doing.”

This is one of my friends from the MTC he was in my district! He was an amazing missionary and helped me a lot in my hard times at the MTC! He always kept me going when I got down on my Spanish! I was taken back when I heard this. I cannot believe it is true. But it is such a blessing to be in the work of the Lord and know exactly where he is. He was an amazing example for us all and will always be an example for me! His big smile and great jokes,the way he could keep everyone happy! He passed onto a bigger work and I am sure he is preaching the gospel right where he is today! It was rough to hear about this and really broke my heart. His family is in my prayers and I would appreciate it if you could add them to yours as well! Thanks for all your support and everything you all do for me!. Each day we have are truly special and important! So keep living strong in the gospel and don't ever give up! Give the Lord your all because He gave us everything! This gospel is amazing and the biggest blessing each and everyone of us could have in our lives! Hold strong to the rod and remember he has a plan for each of us! I love you all 

Hermana Bauer

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