Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Grandma Legs"

mother dearest,
so remember how you told me my health was better.. I have something to tell you. haha I have been starting to get varicose veins and spider veins in the upper part of my thighs. Yes those things that grandmas get. Im super happy about it... hah. they are from walking so much and standing for long periods of time. There is not much you can do for them except wear the compression socks. I was thinkin about how you are going to send that package and Hermana Swapp told me you could send in in the next couple of days to her house and her friends can bring it down in two weeks when they come. So you could send me some of the sock things. She said a really good brand is jobst. But you can find the best ones you think. she says they are expensive, but its something important so... better to pay for the health I am hoping for haha. Dont worry too much they ache a bit and look weird not loving that part hahaha.  I am going to start elevating my legs when I study the whole nine yards! My legs just are the best of luck aren't they" haha well anyways I would really appreciate it if you could buy these tomorrow and get the package sent off.

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