Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Learning patients in our trials

This week has been a good one! wow I am sure leanring a lot this change and look up to Hermana Suarez for her great work and her diligence!!! She has such courage and has worked so amazingly through the trials that we have faced and the experiences that have passed! All that has happened with this investigator Emanuel (the doctor)! well we found out that he has some deep problems like... abortions....... it was really crazy! we had to call prezz and he is going to have to have an interview with him and a whole bunch of stuff but here is what went down! When we taught him about the plan of salvation it hit him really hard and he is still in recovery and trying to find his humility! He is a very prideful soul... and thinks he knows it all when it hit him that he had really been taking the lives of someone who chose to come to this earth just as him as we were teaching lesson 2 he brought up the subject! it was a very hard conversation to have for him and you could see the pain it brought him as we began to talk about repentance he wants to think he has been forgiven but he knows he hasn't that is why we could see the pain and he became very defensive! I think it was as hard for us as it was for him... I hate more than anything to have people hurt and to see his pain i just wanted to run... but I know what a huge potential he has and what an amazing person he really is! It really made me think about the repentance process we have to hurt.. we have to realize that it is wrong! we have to feel this, if not can we truly be forgiven?? No we can't we cant just blow it off and throw it away. Christ went through a process we have one as well. He told us he would never do another abortion but that he wanted us to leave and that he would see us Sunday.  He said the closing prayer and practically chased us from his house with the tears welling in his eyes. He came to church Sunday and was asking the bishop how he could be baptized, but he knows he has to work with us, he just doesn't want to because he knows we know... he said he wants a week to think about what we taught him. We are giving him this week and the bishopric are going to visit him. It has been a very interesting and a learning situation to see what pride can do to a person, even when they have all the faith and desire in the world to start over and be baptized. We really do have to humble ourselves to repent to have the spirit and humility is one of those many goals I have and now will forever be more focused on!

Hugo!!! Is going to be baptized Friday!  He is so ready and very excited! He came to church Sunday more dressed up than ever.  They are really working on getting into the habits of doing the little things like their prayers reading  and everything all of the time, even when times get rough! He wants nothing more than an eternal family. They just found out that Rocio is pregnant and he wants his eternal family more than ever now! I know that he passed through all these trials for a reason and we learned a lot as missionaries as well! Patience love and a new way to really show the love that we have for this family by giving him his time and space, but still being persistant! There is a fine line and we found it! 

We had a wedding this week as well!!!! Ana and Ruben were married! Ruben is ready as ever! Before they were married he wanted to listen... but was not progressing that well now after the wedding he can feel the difference he can see the changes and he understands what a promise is! He has really taken some big steps this week and we are so excited to see him growing and progressing in the way we knew he could before! 

This week was full of trials and testing of our patients but it sure paid off with more miracles than we could have imagine! I love you all! have patience with your trails the Lord is with you and he is waiting to see what you will do and he will bless you for your well doings! I love you all have a great week!!!!! 
                                                             It's Rusty's twin


Most spoiled missionary in the ward!

We had one of the two baptisms! but it was a really good week. Hugo we are working on him he is really lost after his daughter getting sick and all! but he will come around! My birthday was great our mission leader planned a meeting but really it was a surprise breakfast for me! We had a real Mexican breakfast chile and mushroom omelets with tortillas and then cake it was super fun! That was the 3rd cake then we had one more at lunch with Hermana Elizondo! it was a great day sure have some great people here taking care of me! 

 well... lets start with this fine p day morning! a scary scary man tried to kiss me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then... he asked me to marry him yelling guera or white girl! guera guera c├ísate conmigo marry me marry me!!!! he would not let go! I threw him off he came back my comp helped me he came back! oh it was terrible! AAAAAAAAAHHH not okay! I do not want to kiss anyone NO ONE with this missionary tag on thank you and never in a million moons this drunk little man chasing me on a street! This street was like main street where the cars are going both ways by Hermies! We ran as fast as we could praying with all my heart he wouldn't be able to cross behind us! An angel helped us make it barley across that road! but we did! and yeah! that's about it! Then we went and got hair cuts... there is your exciting story of the week! I have never been so sicked out, scared, or prayed so hard so fast in all my life! (since those creepy guys in maveric joce!!)  anyways....

 This week has been a great one! we finally had our baptism with Miguel! he was sooo ready and so happy when he was about to take this first step! He actually met one of our new investigators that is progressing very quickly and very well and was teaching him all about everything he wants to help us teach him and he is really excited to be confirmed Sunday and work to receive the priesthood! It was an amazing experience to really see him change and grow to love the gospel as he molded his life to fit the standards!

We are working hard and moving along this week was really rough for Rocio and Hugo! He has just lost his steam to be baptized! after a week and a half of not being here and us not being able to see him he is really struggling to get back into things! He has lost the feeling and is not reading or praying like he was before. We invited him to have his baptism this week and told them we would work with them but it really did not work out they are very stuck on the fact that they are too busy for us right now and Rocio his wife thinks that we need to let him come around on his own! So.... we are going to be working on jut seeing them in general this week to see if we can get the spirit back in their home and get rid of some contention! This is going to call for some patience of us all but it is really going to be okay he will come around! Just lots of pray on our part and we are going to know exactly what to do! 

We have three great investigators that are progressing amazingly! Claudia Emanuel and Mariana! Emanuel read The Book of Mormon and principals in a matter of a week! BOM 3 days and princpals 2!!!!! Claudia! is sure this is what she needs. She is at all activities and church! She is applying everything! This Sunday she was rushed to the hospital because her baby wanted to come early! But she prayed and everything came out well! She then asked us if we could bring someone to give her a blessing! She really is so prepared by the Lord and between her little girl and baby on the way she won't be able to leave the straight and narrow! Mariana! She is moving along great and wants more than anything to change her family situation at home! She is becoming a great example for her family to the point that her son is beginning to change and listen as well! When in the first lesson he wanted to run us away! 

We have a goal  this week, we are going to find these other people that are waiting for us! We know the Lord is preparing them and they are out there! We are going to continue to work together united obedient and strong with nothing but the spirit on our side! I am so thankful for my amazing companion! she is a powerhouse! What a testimony she has and a story that can change the world! She is growing and changing so much! I cannot believe we have one change together! So ready to keep working together in this change to come! we never stop learning or growing! 

I am so excited for this new cambio! hope they don't surprise us with a change..... love you all hope you have a great week! oh and I had a good birthday! thanks everyone for the wishes! I ended up with 4 cakes a surprise breakfast! made tortillas for the first time! and 4 cakes! I have been named the most spoiled missionary of the ward!... guess that happens when you have almost 5 months in one place on the mish! Man I am going to miss this ward! These people are amazing! Love you all have a great week! 
          More birthday fun!!


Miracles and hard work!

The package made it! shoes and all! I am dying to open them! hahah loved the cake box! ya kill me! SO CUTE! haha sounds like everyone is great! SO glad to hear it! personal progress! I have to say you should share the experience of how it can bring people together and change our groups of friends and really who we are and what we are doing, even when we are not doing it! Think about it when I was focused in my goals finishing it and working on it, I was meeting with good friends working on my goals and all! I was with Kenzie Nuttall and yeah! when I wasn't I found other friends strayed a little bit away from good friends and stretched my boundaries! I think that it keeps us in line! not only doing it but the goals when focused become life goals and that helps us stay on the straight and narrow!
                                            New shoes!! hope the new one look like the old
                                            ones in nine months!!

I love you so much thanks for everything! hope you have  great week we are having weeks of miracles here and working harder than ever! The Lord is dropping them all down on us and we are running! Its some big responsibility! But I am loving every second of it! And to see the changes these people are making!!!! I am so excited for the baptism of Miguel! he is so ready and so excited! It's going to be amazing! I love you! MMUAH!

Pray More and worry Less!

Well this week will be one to remember and it all started with the bathroom door of the shower falling off on me Tuesday morning, from there on out nothing could go right! But we just pushed right on forward and we found some souls, that you would never imagine a sweet lady just leaving cancer who we are going to teach! Another suffering a terrible marriage who wants nothing but to know how to have to Lord in her life and she came to church on Sunday and many other small and simple things that are going to lead to great miracles! But the big fall was the Saturday baptism! I am going to past the story how I explained it to my mission president! Remember this is Hugo! The Spouse of Rocio who we baptized about 2 months ago and we are preparing to complete their family! Here the story!... 

This week has been quite the week of learning and trials for us all, but we are pushing along and I have all the faith in the world that the things that happened this week happened to make Rocio and Hugo stronger! The day before the baptism of Hugo this week Friday their family entered the hospital! Their baby had what I would imagine is bronchitis! She was very sick and had to stay in the hospital and has to have a parent with her at all times. Rocio and Hugo both work so they are taking off alot of shifts right now! As soon as we heard of what happened we began our prayers and fasting! She became better very quickly! The bishopric and many brothers and sisters have been in contact with them! They should be leaving the hospital today! This was one of the most challenging things that have ever happened to me in my mission to watch a family doing everything right walking on the straight and narrow have to go through this! I know they are going to be strong! I wanted with all my heart to run to the hospital in the middle of Monterrey to see them, but don't worry we didn't! To put a smile on my face and work was hard for the first time ever in my mission because they were the first thing on my mind! But the ward really acted and they are being taken care of! The prayers helped a lot and I cannot help but thank my Father in Heaven for how fast she is progressing and going to leave the hospital because the first thing they told us was a week and a half! This will be a little more than 4 day! We are really working in the hands of the Lord! We are doing the training but I don't feel like I have much to teach her! Hermana Suarez is growing so quickly is teaching so well.  We couldn't be doing the things we are and receiving the blessings we are without this unity and love that we share for one another and the work that we are doing! I am so thankful for the revelation and work you do as our president! The Lord really works right through you because we receive exactly what we need when we need it and the people in the areas as well! I am so thankful for this work all I am learning and seeing and the Amazing people that these investigators are becoming! Hard times are hard times, but they are good times as well, because it is when we learn. I am grateful for this week and know it all happened because this family the family guevara villa rreal is going to be a very strong special family in this gospel! and we had to learn how to work through the stress and worry about the rest!

This has really been a challenging week but I have learning so much! First by applying this wonderful quote! (Thanks Brock!) Pray more and worry less!!!!! We really applied this this week and without our prayers and yours and dont know how we would have made it! This past week was worth it for all that was learned.  I know that this week is going to be an amazing one, that we are going to take care of this amazing family! Have the baptism of Hugo and really complete their family! They deserve these blessings and we all have challenges for reasons! It is then we have to grow, but when the hard times come we have to act and look for a spark of faith and light it! Really find that love for whatever your doing and show it because each and everyone of us have a reason and purpose so if anyone of you are down having a hard time remember that you can take the smallest part of faith and use it to act that is when you will see the miracles! I have really gained a testimony of this from a broken shower door to an empty baptismal font I know we will see more miracles that I will be able to tell you all in the week to come for the diligence and love that we learned to use and show in this week! I know each of you can do it as well! So smile always and don't forget your purpose! Love you all! Your amazing! I hope you have a week full of happiness and can show the Lord you each know you have a purpose here in this plan! MMUAH! Have a great week! Hermana bauer

Conference in Spanish!!

AAAHHHH!!!! What a great weekend! I listened to conference in Spanish because my comp is well,.... Latino so i cant be apart from her.. the american elders listened in english.. those spoiled brats! ahhahah no it was super cool and when they spoke in their languages it was sooo amazing I loved the talks all of them! I loved most of all those about the sacrament and the family! We are really focusing on these two things right now and I went in prayer with questions about these two things! To recieve exact answers whole talks about my questions was such an amaing thing! I will never again take for granted the opportunity to listen to conference! There is always an answer there for us! This week has been great! The cats are gone I am alot better with allergies and we have a baptism this week we are going to baptize the husband of rocio and dad of mia! they are sooooo excited it is going to be soooo special! Oh I cannot even wipe the smile off my face.  We have another baptism of Miguel! He is super ready and yeah! THERE ARE LOST OF MIRACLES HAPPENING!  I am loving life here cannot believe I am half way through! tell Bridge I love him! and he needs to stop growing! Tell brax good luck and that I know that he is going to be great! Just to put all his trust in the Lord and He will carry him where he needs to go! The same for their fam! Really its the key! We jut have to look where our confidence and trust is! because the Lord has it in us! I love you with all My heart give granny and granpa bear hugs and kisses for me! have a fantastic week! MMMUAH!
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