Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Life is Good Here

 I got the package thanks so much!!! I loved it, it was great! The parasites are gone and the old man is not writing anymore notes no stress but it was creepy! hahahah  My scripture about the obra misional is Alma 5:49 and can you put it in Spanish please! Sounds like everything is going well at home, we have changes today and to be honest everything is going really well here I have learned a ton this change!  I am coming down with a cold but I would take that any day over parasites! Don't worry about the lover he is gross and old and creeps me out! The sisters visit him when we are on divisions!!! This week we had CRAZY!!!!!!! divisions both of the sisters I was with had break downs! seriously one admitted to me she is in love with a missionay and just wants to get home to marry him and the other started balling and we didn't sleep till 1 in the morning because she had so many probs! but we got it all worked out and I am just thankful that my mind is in the game here, that my heart is in the work and I am here 100 percent! I am so thankful for everything I am doing here and every opportunity my Father In Heaven is giving me! This week we finally had someone in church she is going to get baptized, she is opening up and loved being with the youth! Really this week was a lot better my comp is super sick but I took care of her she called me mom all week it was super funny waking her up at night to give her meds the whole nine yards! but yeah life is good here! We find out about cambios tonight who knows what will happen but its the Lords will and I will follow! I hope that Randy starts doing better tell them that I love them and that they are in my prayers! My face well I have a face wash... its not changing much! I need to find that cream you told me a while back a go! I love you keep working hard and keep the fam in line. I loved the pics and the cards you guys are the greatest and the clothes are super cute love you! MMUAH! 

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