Tuesday, March 10, 2015

February 2, 2015- A Few Odds and Ends

We have been praying for Randy and hope that he is doing better.  He was included in our fast this week! I know the Lord will take care of him and the fam!!! tell him to hang in there and that I sure love him!!  Our family is one of a kind and each of us are very different, but its a good thing of we were the same you would get bored! 

Contacting people with service is my favorite tactic!!!! sweeping, dishes, taking a garbage out sometimes painting! hahah who knows there is a bit of everything here! our relief socity is NUTS!!!! the sisters fight and think that all the single adults have the responsibility (feeding and helping the missionaries) and need to make the sacrifice of time because there is no time as a mom and yeah it is nuts they fight about giving us food because not many want to!  We have some strong sisters that are always there for us like the Hermana Sisi! she always saves us when we got nowhere to go haha!  We are finally going to the temple next week, so  ready for that! I sure love you mom and hope all is going well I am gong to write a big letter about he crazy stuff that happened this week. Give everyone loves and thank you for all you do for us! you are the greatest mom in the world and I want you to know your testimony and strength has held our familia together! 

Oh and my 3rd cousin Elder Day is in my zone! his mom is Collette Kimball or something like that I think she is your 2nd cousin from what we figured out! haha 

 well we have cleaned the whole house from top to bottom because it is infested with mold!!! we cannot kill it so all we can do is clean it! When i have a house of my own it will be clean and we will not have these problems.... YUCK!!!

 We went to Sirlon for an activity today I think I gained a lot of weight in about an hour or two! We ate sooooo much but it was sooo good sushi, wings, desert... you have to take advantage of it when you have the chance things like this don't happen much in the mish!
 I cannot believe how fast the mission flying  by.. makes me sick sometimes don't like to think about it, I am getting to the point of being an oldie I don't know the new missionaries and all my buds are going home.. Hermana Sumsion mi mama only has one more change left! AAAAAAAAH! Cannot believe it I am taking advantage of every second I have! 

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