Thursday, March 6, 2014

Made it to Monterrey! February 17, 2013

We are here and have arrived! Just about to head to a house to sleep with two adorable hermanas for the the night!  I had an amazing experience in the airport here in Monterrey in espanol already. I do not know how to use these key boards sorry no punctuation.... and now italics hahahahah  

Anywho i was able to talk to a man who asked why I had so much medicine they didn't want to let me take that much medication into Mexico. I had to ex'plain to them in Spanish that I was serving a mission for a year and a half the sweet man asked what a mission was I was able to explain our purpose, we held up the line forever. He even expressed to me he was catholic and yeah i will explain more later.  P day in on Mondays unless it is a temple week which is every six weeks. We get to go every six weeks so amazing.

Our mission presidents our amazing and all of the native missionaries are so sweet that came in today.  They all want us to teach them English.  I am so stoked to teach and for the opportunity to be taught, such a great reward. 

Everyone here is so dedicated and President Swapp said that he can tell I am a hard worker just from how I lifted bags and was ready to help... it was funny.  He said I have one of the best trainers around and things are going to be great! I am safe and so ecstatic to be here.  Love you all, have a great week!!!!!!

Beccitos!!!!MMUUAAAHH TEAMO!!!!! 

Hermana Bauer

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