Monday, March 10, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hola Familia, Como esta!!!!
I sure miss you all but am loving being here. All I can say is I am in a dream, but honestly the days fly by and I feel like the Lord moves my feet mouth and everything else! its nuts! These is no other way two guedas could make it around mexico on their own day in and day out! 
Okay some amazing stuff went down this week!! first of all we are having a Baptism on March 15th... here is a little bit of the story! 
This week as we taught Carlos, a nonmember who is in a full inactive member family, we were very prepared for his lesson. That morning we had practiced the first lesson and me leading, because that is my job this week. As we did this we were inspired with three questions we needed to ask. What are your expectations for your family, yourself, and us. as we practiced it all went well and we taught the first lesson as planned. When it came time to actually teach Carlos we started with our inspired questions, and it did not lead to the first lesson... he told us his expectations and then when it got to his expectations for us he simply said I have listened to missionaries before and I have never felt this feeling before. (We have been teaching Carlos very small principles and building his faith, giving him a foundation before we dove in, we were always very inspired about his lessons.) Well he went on to tell us our small scriptures and lessons had given him this feeling he had never felt before and that he knew he needed and wanted to be baptized. He explained his family and he goes to church because we want to,not to prove anything to anyone or meet people or because we were asked to, but because I know I need to and we want to. He knew who he wanted to baptize him and we answered all his questions. Tonight we are starting the lessons in more detail, reviewing them from the missionaries in the past. This experience has helped me grow in my language as a missionary and as a person. I talk in his house because we are always inspired and I feel the spirit, I have seen felt heard and witnessed a change in not only a person but a family, and I have a stronger testimony of working through the Lords hands and that everything happens in the lords time! 
Next amazing story... well we met this crazy funny lady in the street and her name is Ellida, we gave her a LDM in the street and then came back and taught her the other day from 1 Peter 2: 20 -21 (read those that was an inspired lesson on following the footsteps of Christ in patience in good and bad! there is a lot more to it too, go study them... awesome scriptures) anywho invited her to church! She accepted! returned sunday her son was home! invited him, came to find out Ramon was almost baptized a year ago, or so he came with us. Remember this lady is a little loony... she like touches me a lot and I dunno shes just a bit nuts not sure how to feel about her, she got up and bore her testimony about us!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah first time at church... it was insane!!! yeah really don't know what to think about her,but I know we are supposed to teach her son and her as well. Her son has been listening to us sing in Engish with another inactive member... yeah crazy huh...

The Lord works in crazy ways, but never forget he is always working around you. study 1 pedro 2: 20- 21 and be patient with your trials, learn from them, that is why we have them to grow, be an example, and help others around us that are down as well. Never forget God when things are going well either, He does everything for us, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS give thanks. Without our Savior and the amazing plan He has for us, we would be nothing. I love you all!!! have a fantastic week!!!

BECCITOS!!!! hermana bauer

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