Friday, March 28, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hola Familia
Well first off we didn't have a baptism.  This has been the craziest week of my life... my biggest fear came to life... divisions and yeah, just keep reading. Here are a few fun facts!!!
1. I cleaned a ton of mold out of our bathroom this morning!!! I wondered why I couldn't breathe in there... yeah discovered all the black on the ceiling and cracks and walls too were mold!!! WAHOO!!!!
2. Saw a man get attacked by a pit bull that was something you don't see everyday, but me... maybe once a week! Nah it was crazy!!
3. Loving the food and for the most part it is still loving me!!!
Wow this week was full of things to learn and grow from and peolpe to teach. First off I had my first divisions that was an adventure and in all honesty that was my biggest fear... I did not want that day to come. Well I do not know what I was scared of because it was AMAZING!!!! Hermana Monroy is such an example to me and I learned so much from her and even learned about myself. Through divisions I was able to see what I could really do and have a little peak at a few things that Hermana Sumsion and I could change or work on. She did the same and this has helped us a lot this week. As I taught with Hermana Monroy I felt the spirit so strong,  I know this is because I was so dependent on it because without it I felt lost. This has helped me make this change even more so this week. As I go into each lesson I am striving to be more sensitive to the spirit and doing my best to have the courage to ask those inspired questions that come to my mind. Through this new idea of both me and my companion talking more and me actually teaching and not only baring testimony I feel that our unity is growing as well this is making each lesson a lot more effective and our companionship stronger. We are also able to make more productive goals.
I know that we are becoming a lot stonger and because of this, well we have been faced with a challenge neither of us saw coming. The baptism of Carlos that was supposed to be jueves has been canceled. We received a call from him slightly before his appointment that he wasn't going to be baptized he didn't want any of it and he hoped we were clear. (click) we were devastated. He is beyond ready. We went to his house to see if we could see, and feel if it was fear or something had happened. Well he looked different and the spirit was gone. He was cold and sharp and asked us to return today. We found out that he had an argument at a wedding about the church with his mother in law and that he ended up taking a drink. He has been really stressed out with work and this argument pushed him over the edge... He fell to the temptation. This has not been a problem for him in the past and we know that more than anything he wants to be a good dad. I know he has a lot of guilt right now and pray that as we enter his house tonight we can teach with the spirit and he can feel that comfort and have a desire to have it back.
I know that we have received this little bump in the road, but we are not ready to let it get us down. He knows this church is true and is ready for baptism, he told us himself. He just needs to find the spirit again and fight to keep his desire and we are here for his support and to show him that the spirit is still there.
Also this week we found one joven, Jorge, in the Calle, he is about 24 and he asked us what is the difference in a Christian Catholic and a Mormon. We taught the restoration and well about baptism because we asked what he wanted for his life he said eternal life we read him a scripture that talked about eternal life and baptism. He said he had too many sins to be baptized. We explained baptism and how he could be clean and have a new start! This is what he wants for his life! He signed the papers right there in the street!!! And when he took his sun glasses off... there was something so sincere about his eyes... I could just see it. He really wants this. I cannot wait to begin teaching him! He was not able to come to church this week because he had work, but I know that as we get started his desire will grow and he will make changes that are essential in his life.
This week I learned that we are given trials that seem unbearable and honestly unreal, but really these trials we have are to remember what our Savior went through and right now we are the hands of the Savior. We are here to carry these people through and show them the way and the light. I am ecstatic to pick these people up and help them back on there feet! They have the drive and the desire we are here to direct the action! Each day I look forward to studying and recieveing inspiration for these people, reading a scripture and knowing it is for them. I know that with Hermana Sumsion and I together, our animation, teaching, service, obedience, and love we can be those tools that bring the Lords miracles to life. This is why I love waking up every morning and thinking I get to be Hermana Bauer!
I love you all!!! I want you all to think about this question and when you reply answer... what is the difference in sacrifice and consecrate. To sacrifice your life or consecrate your life. This week this question has set my outlook on my mission and I know that it can make all this difference in every one of our lives! Love you all mmmuuah!
Hermana Bauer

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