Friday, March 28, 2014

Doctor, New House, FIRST BAPTISM!!!

Okay!!!! Should I start with the doctor in Mexico, moving, baptism, or the miracle..... you tell me! well, I can't hear you so here we go.

My thumb got half way cut off today! Mom you know that weird piece of skin I have on my thumb... ripped off once when I was swinging bars... took forever and a year to heal... well it ripped open... while we were moving! ( lets kill two birds with one stone... we moved houses we had some creepin muchachos in our street and mold on our walls so yeah! we have a super fresa house arriba de una dentista arrita with all new stuff its awesome!!!!) 
Anywho it ripped off so I cut that hard skin off and it bled wrapped it up went to sleep. some weird bump grew and kept growing for two days.... called the doc. no one knows what it is!!!!! well he was like we are just goin to cut it out!!! he did. Now I have two stitches and a huge gauze finger.... yupp! thats that! its so deep and yeah... its whatever! I can never be normal! 

okay next! Carlos!!!!!!!!! SO he didn't want anything! we went back and we shared with him 2 Nephi chapter 4! About Nephi when he is sulking in his sins and when he realizes he has so much good and needs to be happy!!!! We talked about the atonement in general and what a gift it was! He was still cold and yeah it was a lot different that usual, but at the end he said... I cant leave soemthing that has brought me so much peace! We gave them a day and came back Wednesday! (we had invitations made for him for the 20th because that was when his baptism was supposed to be) so Wednesday the 19th!!!! We walked up to his door, he stood up and said BUENA NOCHE HERMANAS PASENLES POR FAVOR! VAMOS A BAUTISARME COME IN!!!! WE ARE GOING TO BAPTIZE ME! yeah.... then he asked what day can we next week! We showed him the invitations and everything! It was perfect! He said well can we still do it tomorrow... we said yeah of course! So we planned it right there! Then taught all 10 commandments the pallabra de sabedaria ley de diezmo y la ley de castidad! He was ready we planned it and we were off! 

In the middle of all of this we received a call from the office, this is when they told us we were moving! You can bet we didn't sleep that night! We got together a musical number, violin and all! packed and cleaned our house and slepted for four whole hours! 

His baptism was perfect!!!! President was in our area so he came! His interview was 45 MINUTES!!!!!! I was freaking out! We later found out that it was because he was bearing testimony and Elder Montylla was telling stories as well! We gave him my extra set of scriptures... the ones with my name on them! haha we pasted his name on them! because he loves his book of Mormon and they do not have a bible! Then we also made a picture with the family proclamation printed on it!!!! It was so perfect!

Then get this... yesterday! we wake up to a call at 6 ish! this lady in our ward says she had this boy at her house last night! He wants to be baptized... we are like uh... okay! We get his direction and pass by at nine! super confused! Well.. we have a baptism on Sunday! This boy is 17 read the Libro de Mormon in 2 days! He has gone to mission prep and is reading the manual for the class for our investigators! yeah... he is perfect! Alejandro is his name! Yes Jocelyn!!!! Alejandro! We are super stoked to teach him and he is going to be the best missionary out there!!!! 

This week has been amazing! Minus my thumb, pray I still have some nerves left in it when it heals... !!!! I love you all and know that I am exactly where I need to be! 1 Nephi 3:7  The Lord will make a way for us to do all that needs to be done, so push forward and never give up, especially when times get hard... That's when you know blessings are headed your way! Love you all!!!!!!!! smile always and make it a great week! can't wait to hear from you all!

Hermana Bauer

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