Monday, March 10, 2014

First week in Mexico

Surprise!!!!! today is p-day because we went to the temple... yes I went to the temple in Mexico and I listened in Spanish and... yeah... Oh wow it was amazing!!!! anyways sorry for the set back, but for another six weeks my email will be on Mondays!

This week has been amazing, I received my companion and her name is Hermana Sumsion from Twin Falls Idaho. She is a fun, light hearted, but determined, out going, smiley, happy, hard worker!!!!!!! OH my goodness we get along oh so well.... and did I mention, we re both GRINGAS!!!!! yupp both white. She has been such a blessing to me and we are like dynamite. We talk to EVERYONE!!! and she has beautiful spanish which she is teaching me! Oh my goodness I could not have been more blessed. The most amazing experience we had, just us was when we prayed for how many baptisms we need to have in this cambio... as we prayed we both had a number come to our minds... 6 yes SIX!!!!! we have a lot higher goals than the rest of our district, but I know that this is what we need to do. We received the same answer and oh my goodness it was amazing!!!! We have been so determined and worked so hard, just in this week we had 100 contacts and 14 NEW possible investigators! that's just from being outgoing and following the spirit while on the street! She is just amazing I couldn't have a better trainer! 

Okay I have two contact stories... so we have an investigator Carlos, Their family is absolutely amazing and he is the only one in his family not a member. We have family home evenings with them frequently and actually invited him to baptism the other night, that was an amazing experience as well... He accepted a date for the 15th of March and we are going to keep teaching him with the rest of his Family. I know his family is ready for the Gospel the spirit is so strong in their house and their family is just amazing.. oh I love teaching them, anywho sorry that was a side story! this contact happened in their house. They had a friend over for NDH ( noche de hogar family home evening) she was dying the moms hair when we got there we asked her about hair etc. and how we could get ours to grow, she said to cut the ends, so she offered to give us a trim. We invited her to our next appointment, a haircut contacts and teaching her... great deal right! Well she came with this magic comb and pulled our hair in a pony tail combed in and chopped the end of our pony tails off.... yupp... I now have a million layers again and she cut like a good inch and a half off. Looking like my 9th grade hairstyle layers long bangs and all.... But we are getting contact information and are going to continue teaching her! Now for a bit of a more serious one, We went to an investigators house, Yolanda, she was not there, but her friend Cony was, who we had never met. We asked if we could just sing her a hymn. The people here love when we sing for them... they cannot sing at all.... and it brings the spirit in the 2 seconds) we sang and just explained why we teach Yolanda. We asked her about her family, goals, etc, and then what she thought of our visit. She said she felt something so warm so peaceful in her heart, she had never had while we were singing and she didn't understand why. We invited her to pray about this feeling, and set another appointment to teach her more about the restoration. I know she was prepared by the Lord and He testified to her in a way that would strike question because she already has religion in her life, but it is more tradition than anything. It was amazing and when I was teaching with the spirit so strong there was no worry about the Spanish the questions and answers rolled off our tongues. I know this is working in the hands of the Lord. 

Today has been a day off miracles as well.
1. We were able to get to the temple on time and the cab did not have to wait for us because we had to ride with Elders, this is difficult because we cannot call the Elders we rode with
2. Hermana Sumsion received her new credit card, blessing we have bills to pay
3. So backpacks were not allowed in this mission until Elder Oaks came we had to get new bags... mine does not fly.. its pretty obnoxious and if it rains... yeah so we finally found one.. asked the girl of there was more she said no but she would look. we prayed.. she came out with one!!
4. My credit card is not one of the recommend banks here we didn't know if it would work... prayed again worked.
5. We then found out we only had enough money for our bill... not for our groceries or a taxi home... we called a member her daughter came bought us food for the week and gave us a ride...
6. Oh the girl at the store has a friend that is a missionary and she is not a member, she is moving into our area we are going to contact her in two weeks got her info as well.
7. We prayed once more and counted our money literally we had the exact amount for our bill and our other bills are not due until we get more money.

I know that we are being obedient and doing our very best to be exactly obedient. I know that is why we receive miracles in our lives. As we all strive to live in the example of Jesus Christ we can receive small and simple miracles every day! just having the family and people in my life I do is a miracle! thanks for all the support!!!! You are all amazing and such a blessing to me!!! I love you all and will try to get to everyone personally next week I printed off your emails so I can read them and reply on Monday! Until then.. Nos vamos!, we only have 45 min to email everyone and the President! I love you have all a great week!!!!! Beccitos!!!

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