Monday, March 10, 2014


Well this week was really really hard!!!! I don't think I have ever been so tired in my life... but here I am still wanting to work harder each day, still don't quite get it! well my mind and heart get it but my body is sure confused!!! 
The weather here is nuts freezing one day hot hot hot the next and then 20 min later its pouring rain.... next thing we know it will be the conicula and it will be 125 degrees all day everyday... yeah.. I have gained a lot of freckles and my hair is more red.. but we all knew that would happen!!!! 
We live in the ugliest house on the planet... but I love it!!! we also are moving this week.. that will be a party NO SLEEP!!!! we are moving because we are receiving more sisters in April! WWAHHOO yes we have water... to brush our teeth and shower we just are not supposed to drink out of the tap so we buy giant jugs of water!!!! The mail here is nuts.. that is why I don't have an address. You can send me letter and packages. I WILL RECIEVE them through US postage only not ups or fed ex!!!! we recieve our mail every six weeks or on special occasions! They literally throw our mail on the ground rain or shine and wind... often people lose their bills... this is when your power or water gets shut off!!!! 
Spanish is coming... I understand more everyday or get better at understanding!!! hahaha nah I understand the important stuff and I know that this is through the gift of tongues. I am speaking a lot more and getting more confident I just need to start thinking more in spanish then life will be easier! I BOUGHT A VIOLIN!!!!!!!!! an elder had one and was going home he didn't want to take it. I paid him half with my American cash I had and then took out about 50 dollars from my account to use! I think I am playing it at our baptism that is hopefully this week!!!
I learned a lot this week about having the spirit with me. As Hermana Sumsion and I contacted we really strived to share concepts of the gospel and not simply invite the people to the chapel. This is really easy for me to say in spanish so... its easy to do, I have been trying to channel the spirit and know what these individuals, as an individual need. This was amazingly difficult this week, but my testimony sure grew.  We had one funny Brother, Marchelo, we complimented his festive shirt and asked him how he was we then introduced ourselves and had a nice conversation about our relationships with God in our lives and then how we could strengthen that relationship. I try really hard to understand when they start going off on stories I don't quite understand and apply something meaningful, and this is when I get frustrated. We invited him to church... well who would have guessed, he actually came. We didnt have a huge AHH HAH moment with him in the street, and he didnt say anything that made him seem all that interested, but we had a conversation and let the spirit have a turn. I know that this was the difference! He wants to take more lessons and hopefully will attend church next week! We had a few other experiences with feeling the spirit and knowing that we were warned and kept safe through the gift of the Holy ghost this week as well. My testimony of working through and in the Lords hands and not trying to do this on our own  has definitely been strengthened this week. 
Hermana Sumsion and I are doing great, we work so well together and I feel like I am having the opportunity and the confidence to help more in all of our lessons! She is such a blessing and I know that they were inspired to have us as companions! We are working for a baptism this week and are both not positive about it. He seemed so ready last week, but this week he is a little washy and really busy. He feels blessed to have more work, but I feel satan is overwhelming him and he is going to forget those important little things we all need to be sure to do each day that keep us going on the right path! we are meeting with him tonight.  I know he is ready and has a desire he just needs to be sure to have a strong foundation before he has his baptism. 
Everything here is great the ward is great the people and I am beyond comfortable, this has helped me a lot with speaking. Now I need to have more determination to speak Spanish in our house when we are alone... because I know when I apply this, this is when I will learn so much more.
This week I have a lot of spiritual goals, goals to stay on track with the spirit and let the Lord lead the way! I am excited to keep moving forward, let Him show me new people and see what really these people need to here because I learned this week, I cannot do it alone, I need my Savior every step of the way! 
Well I love you all and challenge you all to let the Savior lead your steps as well. I know that when we do this and live our life's the way Christ would, this is when we receive the blessings He has waiting for us. He wants so badly to hand them to us... we need to take the step to recieve them. Hoping for something is not everything wanting something, nope you dont just get it... knowing about it. still dont have it!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! TAKE ACTION EACH AND EVERY DAY TO HAVE THE SAVIOR GUIDE YOUR LIFE!!!!! I love you all have a great week!!!!! mmmmuuaahh Beccitos!
Hermana Bauer

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