Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hugo's Baptism

Hugo's baptism was perfect! oh I wanted to just cry of joy the spirit was so strong and we are going to be able to go to the temple with them to do baptisms for the first time in this change! AAHH!! I am just so excited you better get your visa going so we can come down do go through the temple with them!!! haha they are so ready to start temple prep they are already asking about it! Rocio just got a calling in relief society and Hugo will have one shortly! He is stoked to get the priesthood and They are some special people!!! and what they have become they will never stop growing!!! 

Emanuel fell off the face of the earth!!!! we cannot seem to find him he has gone into hibernation or something but... we really feel like he is going to find his humility and come out of hiding this week!!! its been a rough  week with him and Miguel!... he drank this week BEFORE HE WAS CONFIRMED!!!!!!! he is going to have to talk to the bishop and yeah.... super migraine about him right now. 

We have another baptism this week as long as his mom says yes! His step dad is menos activo and his mom is christian he is super excited and way ready!!! Loves being in church and is friends with everyone! his name is Pedro! he was super lost and it is awesome to see him finding his little group! LOVE IT!!!! 

Claudia! She is just amazing has a date for the 30th she finally left the hospital and her and her baby are alright! They went to church Sunday and we have an appointment with her whole family tonight!!!!! She loves learning and is teaching EVERYONE!!!!! All the way to the menos activa nurse she had in the hospital! She is super prepared by the Lord!
 Well we are almost half way through this change! I don't want it to come to an end. I will have 7 and a half months here in the same area, oh how I am going to miss it here!!!!!! but changes have to happen.... its for the best, and I still have about three weeks! I am super proud of Madi she did so great!  Man the family just sounds great! Hope you have a great week, I love you!  

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