Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pedro's Baptism

How are you doing!!!! Glad you made it through your crazy week looks like it was a good one and everyone is happy! Brock says you are mad about his present cause Bridge went nuts! bahahahha!!!! man! how I would have loved to see that one cannot wait until Christmas to talk to you all! but in the mean time things are great here! This week Pedro was baptized a 15 year old who really wants to turn his life around! He is super awesome and is stoked to teach his mom and little brother more about the church! It is going to be so fun to give him a missionary experience with his family!

Hugo is doing great!!! I was the happiest girl in the world! 

The doctor  went to mexico for two weeks and came to church on Sunday.  He is so different I have a very strong feeling he is going to be baptized this week!!!! Pray a lot for EMANUEL!!!!! he is really seeing the light and becoming humble! 

This week was an amazing one here but it is getting cold! Not like home though! haha good luck with that we are at about 40 degrees! Bought me some boots today because my legs are freezing! and keep getting wet I remembered Hermana Sumsion had some and always wore them in the cold! I went for it! 

I will try to get that acne medicine and ask about it! I will let you know thanks a million have a great week and give everyone loves! 

Hermana Bauer! 

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