Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sister Training Leader!! in Las Puentes

Well they are here, changes they have came... and I am off and flying... here we go are you all sitting down... i am off to Las Puentes! a super fresa area!!!!!!!!! once again to soften some hearts and find the love for the prideful!!! but this time as SISTER TRAINING LEADER!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I recieved some personal revelation a little while ago about changes but you all know how I am and i don't like to believe things the first time and the Lord sometimes has to SMACK me in the face with things... well here ya go! we went to stake conference the day after I had divisions in Las Puentes and EVERY PERSON I met came up to me and remembered my name (from divisions)  said hi to me and asked me when I was going to come eat with them even a few that I didn't know... I was praying at this time about my new comp and for her to be prepared to receive me as a companion and that I would be prepared for the responsibility in my new area! Well there was my SMACK in the face I KNEW my change! Sure enough we received them last night and in a few hours I am off with ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS OF THE MISSION!!!!!! her name is Hermana Carrillo and she is from Senora its right below Arizona.  She lives a few hours from Debra and we already have plans to meet each other half way the whole shabang!  When we were in divisions we felt it... this is going to be an amazing time... but man I am sad to leave my home here in Felipe six months with my hija and super amazing friend Hermana Suarez!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of her the progress she has made every step we have made together! What an adventure we have had and we have never stopped and won't stop here! Cannot wait for the ones that come! HERE WE GOOOO!!!!! wish me luck! Love you all! Remember that changes are for the best.. we have to change to grow and put the bad things behind us to know the good!  
Hermana Carrillo

 Christmas is sure in the air!!! I cannot believe it!!!  We sure did have ourselves an early Christmas thank you so much for the cute stuff the pjs, the slippers, the pillow case almost made me cry and the stockings were awesome!!!! We were packing all night last night and I am off in a few hours, I cannot even believe it!!!! We bought each other pjs and took some pics, had to do it with her! because she is so amazing and we are not going to be together for Christmas but i am going to be with Hermana Carrillo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is like my bestest friend next to Hermana Sumsion in the mish  I am so stoked for this next change we are going to kill it! this area where she is has been pretty dead for a long time and we are going to change that! I am so ready to do it! and open it back up! I have had an amazing time here and cannot believe it is closing 6 months later.... cannot wait to talk to you guys!  We had the coolest family home evening with  the gift we want to give to Christ this year! You guys should watch that this Christmas eve and give your gifts to Christ, what you guys want to give to Him and I will tell you guys mine when we talk! I sure love you all and hope you have a great week! Be safe keep up the good work!!! How is Bill doing, still going strong in the church, headed for the temple or do we need to give him a few slaps on the back... haha what's the story there! love you all, tell everyone hi!!!

                                                                        Christmas pj's

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