Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Learning patients in our trials

This week has been a good one! wow I am sure leanring a lot this change and look up to Hermana Suarez for her great work and her diligence!!! She has such courage and has worked so amazingly through the trials that we have faced and the experiences that have passed! All that has happened with this investigator Emanuel (the doctor)! well we found out that he has some deep problems like... abortions....... it was really crazy! we had to call prezz and he is going to have to have an interview with him and a whole bunch of stuff but here is what went down! When we taught him about the plan of salvation it hit him really hard and he is still in recovery and trying to find his humility! He is a very prideful soul... and thinks he knows it all when it hit him that he had really been taking the lives of someone who chose to come to this earth just as him as we were teaching lesson 2 he brought up the subject! it was a very hard conversation to have for him and you could see the pain it brought him as we began to talk about repentance he wants to think he has been forgiven but he knows he hasn't that is why we could see the pain and he became very defensive! I think it was as hard for us as it was for him... I hate more than anything to have people hurt and to see his pain i just wanted to run... but I know what a huge potential he has and what an amazing person he really is! It really made me think about the repentance process we have to hurt.. we have to realize that it is wrong! we have to feel this, if not can we truly be forgiven?? No we can't we cant just blow it off and throw it away. Christ went through a process we have one as well. He told us he would never do another abortion but that he wanted us to leave and that he would see us Sunday.  He said the closing prayer and practically chased us from his house with the tears welling in his eyes. He came to church Sunday and was asking the bishop how he could be baptized, but he knows he has to work with us, he just doesn't want to because he knows we know... he said he wants a week to think about what we taught him. We are giving him this week and the bishopric are going to visit him. It has been a very interesting and a learning situation to see what pride can do to a person, even when they have all the faith and desire in the world to start over and be baptized. We really do have to humble ourselves to repent to have the spirit and humility is one of those many goals I have and now will forever be more focused on!

Hugo!!! Is going to be baptized Friday!  He is so ready and very excited! He came to church Sunday more dressed up than ever.  They are really working on getting into the habits of doing the little things like their prayers reading  and everything all of the time, even when times get rough! He wants nothing more than an eternal family. They just found out that Rocio is pregnant and he wants his eternal family more than ever now! I know that he passed through all these trials for a reason and we learned a lot as missionaries as well! Patience love and a new way to really show the love that we have for this family by giving him his time and space, but still being persistant! There is a fine line and we found it! 

We had a wedding this week as well!!!! Ana and Ruben were married! Ruben is ready as ever! Before they were married he wanted to listen... but was not progressing that well now after the wedding he can feel the difference he can see the changes and he understands what a promise is! He has really taken some big steps this week and we are so excited to see him growing and progressing in the way we knew he could before! 

This week was full of trials and testing of our patients but it sure paid off with more miracles than we could have imagine! I love you all! have patience with your trails the Lord is with you and he is waiting to see what you will do and he will bless you for your well doings! I love you all have a great week!!!!! 
                                                             It's Rusty's twin


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