Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Claudia's Baptism

Well well well... only miss me when ya do somethin special I see how it is! hahah nah kidding! Sounds like fun! We ate tamales on Thanksgiving and didn't do anything I made my comp some french toast and wrote her a note in the morning because I needed to cook something hahahahaha!!!!!! Christmas ya it is going to be weird! we have your package. Changes are this week I am not going to be able to pack your presents look like an early Christmas for me!!! waho! hahahaha but yeah this is our last week together I am super sad!!!! We have 5 weeks in a row baptizing!  This week we have one planned but its going to take a miracle and a big one at that!!!!!!! We know it can happen! If we baptize this week we will have baptized every week this change! pres is so happy with us and every one says I am going to  be a sister training leader... I am super super nervous for changes i don't want to leave here, I am like a member after 6 months in the same area!!! yeah its going to be rough!!! but we have to change to teach and to learn! Although I am so excited for my next adventure!!!!!

This week we had the baptism of Claudia it was AMAZING!!!!! she made me cry with her testimony, and now her mom wants to be baptized!  She is such a sweetheart and going to have her baby in this week or the next is what the doc told her!!! super pregnant!!! They tried to baptize her in a chair but it didn't fly so they had to do it soooo slow! It was amazing to see the smile on her face and to have the company of the recent converts and feel the spirit!  The work of the lord is amazing when you do it in His hands, we just follow His steps and we make it! These people are so special so prepared by Him and I have grown and learned sooo much in these past six months! 

Bridge! that kills me! he is sooooo my little man cannot wait to be able to talk to him and all of you I showed pres the Book of Mormon that bridge drew and president loved it!!!! He even said that you have a very strong future missionary on your hands just keep him on the right track!
Glad to hear you know about the THE GIFT!!!! we are inviting at the least ten people a day to watch the video if you go into the page it is in spanish!!! haha it is amazing I love it we are planning a family home evening for EVERYONE contacts friends family members menos activos to watch it Sunday.  We are going to do an activity where they write what they want to give to the Savior this Christmas and really focus in how we don't need the material things its is going to be great! Emanuel the doc is doing great!!!! so is everyone else! There is so much work and people to teach we just have to open up our eyes and work in the hands of the Lord.  Thank you so much for your great example and help tell Madi I am playing right now for every baptism and I am going to play for Christmas I think. I wish I had more time to practice it is getting harder as time goes on.... hahah tell her to get on it and thanks for the music hope you all have a great week be safe and I love you! 

Hermana Bauer

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