Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Emanuel's Baptism

This week....two things 


WE BAPTIZED EMANUEL!!!!!!!! the doctor!!!!! he had his interview with president! and he passed and you will never guess what he did, he asked pres to baptize him YES HE DID! so president said yes and pres came the next day we had the baptism it was great and yeah! WOW I couldn't even believe it.  Everyone is dying that he did what he did, asking pres to come and it happened, but he said if he had to talk to the big man he wanted to have him there for his big day so he did it! 
                                                                  Emanuel and the Elders

 We had stake conference it was great Miguel, Pedro and Emanuel and going strong!!!! Rocio and Hugo got in a huge fight and Hugo blamed it on the church or something called the relief society pres told us to stop leaving them post its that they needed to take a break! I wanted to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but we cannot do anything we don't even know what happened. I am waiting for a letter from Alejandro from my first area one of my first baptisms, wanting to see if he has started his papers for the mish yet! 

My comp is amazing!!!! We are not going to be together for Christmas... two weeks we have changes I am super sad...... but change is for the best!!! We all have to get used to it in the mish!!!  
 Sounds like everything is great at home so glad to hear it! Thanks for the support dad, really the people are moving along and are so amazing cannot wait till you can meet them!  They are amazing people!!!! I sure love you! hope you have a great week keep up everything with the fam and farm and i will hold down mexico! 

Love you!!!! Hermana Bauer
                                                          Families in my area.
                                                                   The Aburto Family

                                                                 The Rodriguez Family

                                                                   The Salazar Family

                                                                      The Sosa Family

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