Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pray More and worry Less!

Well this week will be one to remember and it all started with the bathroom door of the shower falling off on me Tuesday morning, from there on out nothing could go right! But we just pushed right on forward and we found some souls, that you would never imagine a sweet lady just leaving cancer who we are going to teach! Another suffering a terrible marriage who wants nothing but to know how to have to Lord in her life and she came to church on Sunday and many other small and simple things that are going to lead to great miracles! But the big fall was the Saturday baptism! I am going to past the story how I explained it to my mission president! Remember this is Hugo! The Spouse of Rocio who we baptized about 2 months ago and we are preparing to complete their family! Here the story!... 

This week has been quite the week of learning and trials for us all, but we are pushing along and I have all the faith in the world that the things that happened this week happened to make Rocio and Hugo stronger! The day before the baptism of Hugo this week Friday their family entered the hospital! Their baby had what I would imagine is bronchitis! She was very sick and had to stay in the hospital and has to have a parent with her at all times. Rocio and Hugo both work so they are taking off alot of shifts right now! As soon as we heard of what happened we began our prayers and fasting! She became better very quickly! The bishopric and many brothers and sisters have been in contact with them! They should be leaving the hospital today! This was one of the most challenging things that have ever happened to me in my mission to watch a family doing everything right walking on the straight and narrow have to go through this! I know they are going to be strong! I wanted with all my heart to run to the hospital in the middle of Monterrey to see them, but don't worry we didn't! To put a smile on my face and work was hard for the first time ever in my mission because they were the first thing on my mind! But the ward really acted and they are being taken care of! The prayers helped a lot and I cannot help but thank my Father in Heaven for how fast she is progressing and going to leave the hospital because the first thing they told us was a week and a half! This will be a little more than 4 day! We are really working in the hands of the Lord! We are doing the training but I don't feel like I have much to teach her! Hermana Suarez is growing so quickly is teaching so well.  We couldn't be doing the things we are and receiving the blessings we are without this unity and love that we share for one another and the work that we are doing! I am so thankful for the revelation and work you do as our president! The Lord really works right through you because we receive exactly what we need when we need it and the people in the areas as well! I am so thankful for this work all I am learning and seeing and the Amazing people that these investigators are becoming! Hard times are hard times, but they are good times as well, because it is when we learn. I am grateful for this week and know it all happened because this family the family guevara villa rreal is going to be a very strong special family in this gospel! and we had to learn how to work through the stress and worry about the rest!

This has really been a challenging week but I have learning so much! First by applying this wonderful quote! (Thanks Brock!) Pray more and worry less!!!!! We really applied this this week and without our prayers and yours and dont know how we would have made it! This past week was worth it for all that was learned.  I know that this week is going to be an amazing one, that we are going to take care of this amazing family! Have the baptism of Hugo and really complete their family! They deserve these blessings and we all have challenges for reasons! It is then we have to grow, but when the hard times come we have to act and look for a spark of faith and light it! Really find that love for whatever your doing and show it because each and everyone of us have a reason and purpose so if anyone of you are down having a hard time remember that you can take the smallest part of faith and use it to act that is when you will see the miracles! I have really gained a testimony of this from a broken shower door to an empty baptismal font I know we will see more miracles that I will be able to tell you all in the week to come for the diligence and love that we learned to use and show in this week! I know each of you can do it as well! So smile always and don't forget your purpose! Love you all! Your amazing! I hope you have a week full of happiness and can show the Lord you each know you have a purpose here in this plan! MMUAH! Have a great week! Hermana bauer

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