Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Most spoiled missionary in the ward!

We had one of the two baptisms! but it was a really good week. Hugo we are working on him he is really lost after his daughter getting sick and all! but he will come around! My birthday was great our mission leader planned a meeting but really it was a surprise breakfast for me! We had a real Mexican breakfast chile and mushroom omelets with tortillas and then cake it was super fun! That was the 3rd cake then we had one more at lunch with Hermana Elizondo! it was a great day sure have some great people here taking care of me! 

 well... lets start with this fine p day morning! a scary scary man tried to kiss me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then... he asked me to marry him yelling guera or white girl! guera guera c├ísate conmigo marry me marry me!!!! he would not let go! I threw him off he came back my comp helped me he came back! oh it was terrible! AAAAAAAAAHHH not okay! I do not want to kiss anyone NO ONE with this missionary tag on thank you and never in a million moons this drunk little man chasing me on a street! This street was like main street where the cars are going both ways by Hermies! We ran as fast as we could praying with all my heart he wouldn't be able to cross behind us! An angel helped us make it barley across that road! but we did! and yeah! that's about it! Then we went and got hair cuts... there is your exciting story of the week! I have never been so sicked out, scared, or prayed so hard so fast in all my life! (since those creepy guys in maveric joce!!)  anyways....

 This week has been a great one! we finally had our baptism with Miguel! he was sooo ready and so happy when he was about to take this first step! He actually met one of our new investigators that is progressing very quickly and very well and was teaching him all about everything he wants to help us teach him and he is really excited to be confirmed Sunday and work to receive the priesthood! It was an amazing experience to really see him change and grow to love the gospel as he molded his life to fit the standards!

We are working hard and moving along this week was really rough for Rocio and Hugo! He has just lost his steam to be baptized! after a week and a half of not being here and us not being able to see him he is really struggling to get back into things! He has lost the feeling and is not reading or praying like he was before. We invited him to have his baptism this week and told them we would work with them but it really did not work out they are very stuck on the fact that they are too busy for us right now and Rocio his wife thinks that we need to let him come around on his own! So.... we are going to be working on jut seeing them in general this week to see if we can get the spirit back in their home and get rid of some contention! This is going to call for some patience of us all but it is really going to be okay he will come around! Just lots of pray on our part and we are going to know exactly what to do! 

We have three great investigators that are progressing amazingly! Claudia Emanuel and Mariana! Emanuel read The Book of Mormon and principals in a matter of a week! BOM 3 days and princpals 2!!!!! Claudia! is sure this is what she needs. She is at all activities and church! She is applying everything! This Sunday she was rushed to the hospital because her baby wanted to come early! But she prayed and everything came out well! She then asked us if we could bring someone to give her a blessing! She really is so prepared by the Lord and between her little girl and baby on the way she won't be able to leave the straight and narrow! Mariana! She is moving along great and wants more than anything to change her family situation at home! She is becoming a great example for her family to the point that her son is beginning to change and listen as well! When in the first lesson he wanted to run us away! 

We have a goal  this week, we are going to find these other people that are waiting for us! We know the Lord is preparing them and they are out there! We are going to continue to work together united obedient and strong with nothing but the spirit on our side! I am so thankful for my amazing companion! she is a powerhouse! What a testimony she has and a story that can change the world! She is growing and changing so much! I cannot believe we have one change together! So ready to keep working together in this change to come! we never stop learning or growing! 

I am so excited for this new cambio! hope they don't surprise us with a change..... love you all hope you have a great week! oh and I had a good birthday! thanks everyone for the wishes! I ended up with 4 cakes a surprise breakfast! made tortillas for the first time! and 4 cakes! I have been named the most spoiled missionary of the ward!... guess that happens when you have almost 5 months in one place on the mish! Man I am going to miss this ward! These people are amazing! Love you all have a great week! 
          More birthday fun!!


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