Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Conference in Spanish!!

AAAHHHH!!!! What a great weekend! I listened to conference in Spanish because my comp is well,.... Latino so i cant be apart from her.. the american elders listened in english.. those spoiled brats! ahhahah no it was super cool and when they spoke in their languages it was sooo amazing I loved the talks all of them! I loved most of all those about the sacrament and the family! We are really focusing on these two things right now and I went in prayer with questions about these two things! To recieve exact answers whole talks about my questions was such an amaing thing! I will never again take for granted the opportunity to listen to conference! There is always an answer there for us! This week has been great! The cats are gone I am alot better with allergies and we have a baptism this week we are going to baptize the husband of rocio and dad of mia! they are sooooo excited it is going to be soooo special! Oh I cannot even wipe the smile off my face.  We have another baptism of Miguel! He is super ready and yeah! THERE ARE LOST OF MIRACLES HAPPENING!  I am loving life here cannot believe I am half way through! tell Bridge I love him! and he needs to stop growing! Tell brax good luck and that I know that he is going to be great! Just to put all his trust in the Lord and He will carry him where he needs to go! The same for their fam! Really its the key! We jut have to look where our confidence and trust is! because the Lord has it in us! I love you with all My heart give granny and granpa bear hugs and kisses for me! have a fantastic week! MMMUAH!
                                                                 Yes my House is Orange


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