Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Lord's Timing

What a week! Who would have known that a baptism was in our plans this week?? Only the Lord saw that one coming! Rosio and Mia are happy as ever! we have been teaching them for a good while and had a fecha for the 17th... but!!!!! Their baptism was great on Sunday and we were able to get it all put together with their hermanadora perfectly! We had a ton of support from the ward and ever more from the Lord! As we were running crazy and finally got it all into place, Sunday came around the big day!!!!! Well satan, he just couldn't quit!! We didn't have water in the chapel! The Elders were a huge help! We made some calls to the chapel Escobedo and they started filling their pila! Little did we know in all the craziness Rosio had slipped out for the last 30 min to go pick up her husband so he could be there for her baptism! She would not answer our calls! all we could do was pray she would accept the idea to have it on the same day in a chapel ten minutes away! she got back, we explained and at first she was not too excited... "but I want to have it here, in my chapel with all of these people" she explained... we told her we were going to bring people and if we did it another week, her friends couldn't be here! so she accepted, NEXT CHALLENGE members... off we went inviting like crazy! Searching for cars everything that we could do! When it came down to it we had them all!!!! 35 people! can you believe it! The Bishop,  Primary President, Leader Missional, a ton of members! investigators from the other missionaries! It was amazing! we couldn't have done it without the help of all the elders! They were such a support, it was really a team effort! Later in the other chapel the pila was draining and filling and we were waiting their another good hour or so! Everyone had great patience, beautiful smiles and were pleased to be there! the best reward was to hear Mia the little daughter say! "Se siente muy bonita" as she left the water and her mom taking her up in a big hug both with huge bright smiles! I know these are people chosen and prepared by our Lord to be taught and become strong members of the church! 

I know that the Lord works is his own ways and things happen how they are supposed to! We always see the miracles when we work AT THE LORD'S WILL I encourage each one of you to look for the Lord's will in your lives! He is always sending signs, ask Him! He will tell you! Work with the Lord not against Him! He will do all he can for you to reach the most happieness we can here on this earth! I am so thankful for the experiences that I am having here on my mission and the people that I am meeting I know that they are prepared by the Lord and when we work at his will, everything falls into place! I love you all! thanks for your love and support! have a great week! MMUAH! saludos, Hermana Bauer! 

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