Thursday, September 25, 2014

MY NEW COMP!!! Hermana Suarez

Well as many of you know we have seen changes. I have very little time to write this week so if you do not get a personal letter this week do not feel bad or take it to heart I love you all extremely! Okay lets cut to the chase! Who wants to know where I am, who I am with and whats the story!!!!...


I am in Felipe Carrillo still!!!!!! SAME AREA!!!!!!! that's right I stayed! I am super excited I didn't not change, but they did take my daughter from me! Hermana Zatarain has gone... but you will never guess where too...

MY FIRST AREA!!!!!!!!! she is in the exact place I started with a great comp! and doing awesome! So it is great!
                                             Last day with Hermana Zatarain

MY NEW COMP::: is MI HIJA!!!!!! another daughter I am training again! This means that I will have 6 months here in this area before they even think about changing me!!! Her name is Hermana Suarez! she is  from the state of Mexico! and she is 20! She is a sweet heart and has a little sass to her super funny! We get along great! She was a TJ before she was a member of the church and only has been a member for TWO YEARS!!!!!!!!!! she has a super strong testimony and an amazing conversion story! She is a great example for me!!!!!

                                            My new companion Hermana Suarez
This week was great! I had strep throat! Caught it just in time! So glad I am pro an knowing when I have it, got on meds and we didn't have to even be in the house for a day! We have one investigator with a fecha for his baptism October 12th.  He is Miguel and he told us he wants to be a bishop someday! He is super excited about the church and ready as every just fight opposition for the next little bit with him! The rest of it.. well we are looking for new people to teach and getting ready to complete some families!!!!! Rocio and Anna both of their spouses are starting to listen to us! I am happy as ever and we are preparing for the wedding of Anna! Actually looking for the Judge for the wedding tonight! Its gonna be great! Promise you will have more details soon MONDAY! I love you all and hope to hear about your weeks lives and everything miss your faces and hope all is well! You all mean the world to me! Thanks for your support and love hope that you have a great week and all is well at home stay strong and remember when it rains.. it pours, but after the road is always cleaner with a rainbow! haha I love you all have a great week MMUAH! Hermana Bauer! 
Makes me happy to see Hermana Sums!!

Going to the temple

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