Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ana's Baptism

This week we have one new investigator his name is Angel! he has read the bible 3 times and  we left him with ONE chapter in the Book of Mormon he came to church Sunday.. read six! yeah he is an escogido! he then stayed after for a baptism... here is the challenge!  We are teaching him tonight! you have a cliff hanger! haha we will see what happens the meta for his fecha is 17th of September! wahoo! 

President commented on our companionship this week in our interviews!!!! He said it is great and I have learned a skill that I will use for the rest of my life and in my marriage! He told me that for what I have learned in this companionship I will be a great wife leader and have grown a ton and he can see the unity in our companionship! it was a huge compliment for the both of us!

Ask dad about the baptism this week! its an awesome story! I love you hope that work is good and that all is well at home! Oh Hermanna Zatarain was sick like all week with a flu bug thanks for being such a great mom and taking care of me when I was sick so I knew what do do to help her feel a little better saltines and sprite was a great trick!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! 

Hermana bauer! 

 things are great here!!! I am so glad to here that you have lots of work and good hay! don't let it get wet! BUT GO TO CHURCH! hahha i love ya! haha we have another baptism this week its a super cool story she has been taught for years by missionary's! We have forms from 2012 and metas a ton of stuff but she never could or wanted to get married well we tried to teach her last change and finally prayed and felt the end of last change we should leave her.. it was super hard her mom is in the relief society and wants her daughter to be a member,  She has a 2 yr old and is 21 such a cutie! she calls us manas so the beginning of this cambio she showed up at church one Sunday and said... I want to be baptized! we put a cita ready to explain again that she couldn't when we got there she said I am not with my "spouse" who is her boyfriend! He was cheating on me! he moved out last week and that was that! We taught her and it is time! Her name is Ana! she is sooo amazing we have had to change her date many times for work and school. She is changing and starting a lot of new things in her life we are so excited for her new start and her excitement to be a member of the church! So yeah and our companionship is great! we are doing good! we have our tiffs but we have a relationship super super close!!!!!!!!

Ana was then confirmed on Sunday! she almost didn't come to her own baptism! satan works in crazy ways! but her amazing brother helped us out alot and she knew what she had to do! so happy after she couldn't wipe the smile off her face and was at the chapel earlier than us Sunday morning!!!! the bishopric didn't show up, but the Elder Barrera saved us and the baptism went on! what an experience none of us will ever forget!

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