Sunday, September 21, 2014

A week of many blessings!!

This week for me... Monday and Tuesday were REAL hard!
migraine filled days.... then came the if i cannot do anything for them there i can do it here. We never ever stopped working the miracles came! and so did the rain! The back of our house flooded again we were soaked from head to toe for three days! But in these three days we found some people so prepared for the gospel in their lives they already have dates for their baptism three of them and the other half told us they want to be baptized! They all have someone as a friend in the church and all but two of them were in the church on Sunday! We got to the point of having to do divisions to pass for them all to go to church it was amazing! I really learned that when we push through the hard times.. they don't go away but the Lord will bless us with better things!!!! 

We now have two families a single man and a 12 year old girl we are teaching! They are all very interested and so so so ready to progress in this gospel! I do not know if I am going to stay or leave this area yet! We find out a 9:00 TONIGHT!!!!!! super nervous! But i have faith that the Lord knows who these people need.  I know that each one of them are going to be baptized in the month of October and their lives will be changed forever! What a blessing it was to have this crazy week!!!

I hope all is well at home and you can all have a little more time to breathe this week I will let you know about changes as soon as i can I love you all! MMUAH! 

Hermana Bauer

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