Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April 28, 2014

Well this week has been the fastest week of my life. I cannot believe that it is Monday again!!! 

we had a few funny experiences this week I would love to share with you all! First of all the little kids here are just the cutest! Many of them are quite chubby... me and Hermana Sumsion decided that we are going to begin to call them our lil chunks of love!  They are just adorable, also they are a lot of help when we cannot find a house because there is no common sense in the way the streets and houses are laid out and numbered here! I promise its not the girl with the map its how its done!  Okay number two we were going to be home late and we don't like to do that, first off disobedient second its a little sketch... so we caught ourselves a taxi with our new leader misional and were on our way! As I slid my way into the taxi I couldn't help but gag as my foot ran through a nice chunky pile of throw up on the floor! WINDOWS DOWN and foot in UP CHUCK away we went! thank goodness it was only like a 5 to 10 min ride!  Those are just a few of our laughs of the week I though I would share! Now to the important stuff!

We taught the palabra de sabadaria to the familia Castellanos! The familia that our leader and trainer invited to baptism when she should not have! The spirit was really strong! the hermano, who is menos activa, drinks coffee wants to stops! He was very interested to try out the ideas we came up with and his wife was all for this commandment! She loved the whole lesson! When it came to drinking the hermano was nodding towards his 19 yr old daughter so we lingered on that and talked about temptations as kids and teenagers with all of the things we should not do! They were all very receptive and all very interested!! We are going to pass by a few times before our next cita with them and see how they are doing with their compromiso to try going without these things for this whole week and even longer!  We will see how they are feeling! They are still struggling with comming to church, as is this whole city.... 

I believe it is culture here to say YES! but no... really it is no... that does not mean we can just not believe them and not return, because then we will miss the one that was really telling the truth... But to be honest this is somtething that has been hard for me to get used to! It isn't showing up to empty houses, walking back and fourth, or being rejected by any means... that's part of being a missionary. It is that these wonderful people commit more than once and never come! I am learning a lot about trust and love and how they do not go completely hand in hand! Because I love each and every one of them, but I cannot trust each and every one of them.. and this is something that is hard on me... because those who I love, I trust... but I am learning! This week we did have a great experience with a menos activa we have been regularly visiting since I got here! Hermano Torres° His wife is active and great! He is just as amazing, but Hermana Sumsion nor I have ever see him in the chapel! We have filtered and filtered, never finding out why! Finally we were teaching actually about prayer! The question came up what else can we do to show our love for our Heavenly Father? attending church came up! The spirit took off!!!!! We became very direct! Hermana Sumsion saying hermano we do not know why you are not at church but we want you to know the importance of it! We talked about the reasons we attend how its not for others and the true meanings of assisting the church! Then we bore our testimonies of our families and the unity and blessing that come from attending church together! He reacted well! His wife participated with her testimony! He didn't commit to coming, he said he would think about it, maybe! We expressed our love for him, and when we saw his face in church I cannot express the joy I felt! I wanted to cry! He said poco a poco! only sacrament today! But we will see! I wanted to cry for joy it was amazing! One of the greatest feeling I have felt in a few weeks! This is when this work begins to pay off! I know that this work is hard and we work a lot, but the spirit does the job and the spirit really is what touches these peoples hearts! This week has been great and Hermana Sumsion are doing great! We work so hard and work so well together, this is something I love the most about our companionship we have unity in our desire to work... and everything else! I feeling like I am growing in everything more each and every day, I have a feeling that never stops! That's because we never can know it all! That's something I love!

This week I have learned a lot as usual I hope you are all pushing forward and studying along with me! Love you all! Get on that preach my gospel! You are all supposed to have one in your house by now! nos vemos! loves and hugs! mmmuah! 

con mucho amor 
Hermana Bauer

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