Friday, April 25, 2014

April 21, 2014

This week was amazing! I loved every second of working as hard as we possibly could and feeling the adrenaline of the spirit pushing us forward when physically we were beyond worn out! Those days our eyes were glued shut at 6:15 when the alarm went off and we pulled ourselves out of bed and jump roped to our primary music turned out to be the best! 

This week we had a goal to reach all the goals of the mission! We concentrated each day on each goal we made that night, to make sure they were in line with what we needed and in line with what our investigators needed as well! As we planned we planned around our goals! We usually do this, but this week we were more focused in it! We had much more effective planning and our days were so effective we went from house to house! It was the week of vacations so many people were not home! We had our back ups ready knowing where we must go next before the person didn't come to the door! Only because of this determination and planning and letting the spirit guide us as we planned each night, we were able to have about 50 lessons this week! We are really struggling with not having anyone that is truly progressing right now going to church each week! Having a desire to work more! We are fighting to keep every investigator we have.. and to keep them moving forward just a tiny bit every time we see them! 

This week we were blessed with a wonderful study personal and companion..  Literally I walked into our study room and My preach my gospel that we are in chapter two! ( I know because, I was reading it during breakfast!) was opened to page 169 como hablar con todos!!!!! we studied, talk with everyone! along with Elder Delgados book he wrote for the mission on how to contact effectively! ! This changed our diligence and desire to contact! We upped our contacts to 114 people this week and walked away with 9 new appointments! and have been blessed with nine new people to visit and teach this week! We are very excited for each of these appointments and know that several of them are very humbled and this is the time for the Gospel in their lives! We are ready to keep the great habits that we have made this week and invite each of these people to come unto Christ!

We might have a baptism of this cute lady we call our abolita little grandma Carlota! she is like 8'0 and we thought forever she was a member because she said yes 40 years ago I was baptized and well... her family said they believed her, she lives with her grand-kids that are our age and yeah so.... we found out no one can find her in the system! The offices are going to look this week and we are going to start re teaching her the real lessons! I love her so much she is really like our little grandma we go clean while she yells at us! its great! 

So all in all this has been a great week and I have learned something for you all! KEEP WORKING! when you feel like nothing is coming out of it.. keep working! you will come to the end of it the test whatever it is, and you will come out on top physically and spiritually you will be blessed! PROMISE! I love you all! WORK HARD PLAY HARD! always! have a great week! 

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