Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Four months and loving it!

Wow!!!!! This week flew by and this transfer as well!!! Welcome to the fourth month of my mission! Is that crazy to anyone else or just me!!!! anyways! We have transfers at the end of this week and I am getting super nervous for them! I love my companion! She is pretty much the best and we have the greatest little life here in mexico!

This week we learned a ton! We have been slacking a little on inviting people to be baptized because we have this internal fear of losing the relationships that we have with them... but this week we got over it! We were inviting the people we loved with more love than I have ever felt in my life! We had a cute 73 year old, catholic all her life lady, accept this invitation saying clearly I want to be baptized! Then we had Yolanda who we have been working with for over three months.... yeah I know a long time and she doesn't have a date! Say she was going to walk through the church doors praying to know if she would be baptized or not, if this was the true church. Well you will never guess what happened Sunday!!!!!!! This wonderful thing called AGENCY kicked in! Our cute little Maria Elena chose to leave town for who knows how long, sometimes up to a month... Yolanda... well she didn't come... it was so hard for me to watch these people choose to do something different than, what even they knew was right! We did all we could passed by multiple times! Sent messages! made calls! brought members! members passed by! waited outside for them! the whole nine yeards! and agency!!!! Got to love it. Well this whole bottle of frustration I had inside exploded and as I was cleaning it up, I remembered a scripture I had read earlier Sunday morning! Isaiah 55: 8- 9 here it talks about how the Lords thoughts are not ours and his path is not ours either.. this is because we are not perfect! I know that the Lord teaches us through small and simple things and He has more patience than anyone in the world! I cannot imagine being Him watching this world, working through imperfect missionaries, trying to save more of his imperfect people, that He suffered for. My testimony grew of His atonement His love for us! His willingness to sacrifice Himself and suffer for people who were going to continually choose the wrong when they knew the right! I encourage you all to think about your savior, your reedemer each time you make a choice this week! What ever it is! Going to class on time, who you go to lunch with! What you drinking with your breakfast, the type of words you use, how you present yourself! We know our Savior, we need to do the best to represent Him in everything we do! We are not perfect, but He trust us to be His best, because we are what He has to help those who don't have Him! I love you all and hope you can let your lights shine this week! you are all amazing and such examples to me!!!!! Make it a great week! 
Con much amor
Hermana Bauer

Our favorite meal to eat with investigators and members.

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