Monday, May 19, 2014

A new companion!! Hermana Sanchez

Here is the big news you have all been on pins and needles!!!! Well... Drum roll please... I am in the same area! If you were all wondering! And so ya know.... I have a Super amazing cute companion Se llama Hermana Sanchez! She is super cute fun and pretty outgoing she is awesome! I was so scared to see who she was going to be! This is how it went down, yeah we were in Carlota's house.. (our little grandma) I was playing my violin... We received a call! We went sprinting outside Hermana Sumsion, you are going to Las Puentes! and you are going to be a sister training leader! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH we screamed! and then after we could breather again hey told her her comp was Hermana Alcocer! Then they said Hermana Bauer you are staying in your area, you will be senior companion and will be with Hermana Sanchez! Oh Man!!!! We ran to Carlos and Ivons house to tell them, they gave us a ride home and we packed, and packed and packed some more ... the clock struck 2 we couldn't handle anymore! 90 degrees in our house we sat outside for a sec and drank some water talked tried to realize this was happening... then went to bed! After our prayers of course! A few hours of sleep we woke up and we finished packing her stuff,. Sitting on suit cases praying they would zip literally!!!!! We then were trying to catch a taxi! Lucky us we got in a nice taxi..... NOT this man was a great liar... he told us he knew where he was going... he did... He drove us in circles for an hour and a half... we were two hours late to transfers and we finally asked him to let us out who knows where! Got in with a new taxista! He was super sweet! Got us there in like ten min! Paid him and finally made our transfers and got back to work! Man it was crazy and we paid some major cash for that! Oh can you say SELF CONTROL!!!!!! goodness gracious! Anywho! We now are back where we belong! and happy as ever! I am so happy with my new comp she is so happy and we talk about everything! I was so scared I was going to be lonely nope! She studied to teach preschoolers! She is in love with Bridger! and wants to go study more at BYU She is 22 She is just awesome and I am going to learn so much for her she is an amazing teacher! My spanish is already getting better but I am so much more tired at night from it! Here comes the head aches! hahahahah 

This week we had some awesome miracles! Yolanda came to church! She told us she was going to say a pray as she entered the building to see if this was the church for her! going to invite her to baptism this week! We have been teaching her and her family for over 4 months!Then this family that we have had as like oh sometimes we pass by... yeah well this Hermano Juan! Read the whole book of Mormon and has no questions his wife loves everything he says about it and is starting it herself they came to church and we met with him at 9 today at the church and were there for 2 hours helping him with the service missionaries to look for a job! Because he doesn't have one! He is a philosopher! So he sometimes has some crazy ideas but really wants to know how he can develop faith! So here we are to help him develop his faith in God!!!! He has a really interesting strong testimony and says he is going to be going to church every week he loved it! Yeah so we are moving a lot and this is a good change because we have had no one in church for like 3 weeks! 

Oh and HERMANA SUMS IS OUR LEADER AND TRAINER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is amazing I had an elder assistant to the pres come up to me and ask if I was proud of her I said yes I couldn't believe she was already a leader and trainer with only 6 months in the mish! He said keep working hard because you are going to follow in her foot steps! Wow! The Lord pushes us in crazy ways!  We have people put in our lives for reasons! Our parents family and friends! Look up to all of your examples! Walk in their footsteps and love them with all your heart! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!!!!!!! Keep your family close and the Lord closer! Thanks for all your prayers and support I feel them every step of the way! 

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