Monday, June 30, 2014

Temple week

Temple week! the weeks we go to the temple are always long ones but ones where we push ourselves and learn! This week was really great! We have an amazing family that is progressing they were at the church again this week! The familia zuniga! Juan wants to read all the books we have now because he says he doesn't feel complete without them all! He has got a hard shell, because he is a philosopher. he studies everything, eats it up! he finds deep doctrine on his own, its kinda scary! but that's why we have faith! and bring smart members! haha no he really has some of the best members assisting his visits because he is just the most interesting guy to visit with and teach! He SAYS HE CAN LEARN ANYTHING BUT HE IS LACKING FAITH AN THAT'S WHAT HE WANTS US TO TEACH HIM! pretty cool if you ask me! He really wants to learn English so he is always spitting out english words at me! Man it messes with my head! can you say SPANGLISH! he has a nine year old son and his wife! His other son a few years ago was kidnapped and never found until just this last month, his remains were found, hours away from here... super long sad story, but this is why he wants faith because he knows there is a God and there are miracles! When we started teaching him, we could not pray or read scriptures in his house, now he is praying in the classes at church! It is amazing to see his family change! 

This Sunday was mission Sunday! The new missionaries spoke an I played called to serve and Armies of Heleman on my violin in sacrament! it was really good! I am going to play with the primary this Sunday! I am loving this whole playing not talking thing! My music brings the spirit just as strong as my words, promise! 

Hermana Sanchez and I are great! Oh news! I am not senior comp! We had a mix up with changes! I am just leading the area! She is in charge of the phone! What a relief for me! hahahhaha we really are like equal companions we work really well together! but we were told that earlier! I have seen Herman Sums like 3 times since the change what a blessing she is such a doll! I ha the best trainer in the mission! 

I love you guys all so much I want you all this week to read acts 3 1-11 and think about this story of pedro y juan! what they do for this man! and what more you can do in your life! this is what we have been thinking about with each person we have been asking to help us with our investigators,and applying it to ourselves! let me know what you come up with! who is sitting outside of the temple ion your life! I love you all!Hope you have a great week! MMUUAAHH! con mucho amor , hermana bauer!

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