Friday, April 25, 2014

General Conference in ENGLISH!!

Well everyone! General Conference is here and gone!! CRAZY!!!!! I have never loved something so much! Oh and received a huge blessing... got to listen to it in ENGLISH!!!!!!! don't get me wrong I could have understood it in Spanish, but there is something about the Prophets voice! and the Apostles! It is just something else! and the talk 4 Minutes.. the Spanish translator translated it into 3 minutes so everyone here talks about the three minutes in this earth that we have! oh man its kinda funny! anyways! so many answers were received and the best one was that our investigators... the familia Castillano came to one session!!!!! I know that this one session they attended is going to make all the difference for them! The mom is reading the Book of Mormon right now all her kids were so attentive! The dad is a member... he has been inactive for 20 YEARS! last time we passed by their house we talked to the mom. she was explaining to us how hard it is for her to understand the names of the people in Nephi and how she is a bit confused! We explained a bit of the story the people and everything else, then she thanked us and said this! Thank you it is just hard for me because I DID believe in the Catholic Church for so long. Yupp... DID!!!!!!!! She has a desire to change! The husbands fear is their biggest challenge. He kinda likes his work rut... and that's about it! But he wants the gospel back because he is the one who asked us to teach his wife! So there you have it! a family of five! Four non members, and a soon to be eternal family, 

We had our first cambios! I am still in the same place same comp Hermana Sumsion and Same ward!!!!!! Thank goodness! This is all because I have this one last cambio of training and then.... ya. hahaha there will be some changes I am sure! I am so thankful for our ward and everyone in it! We received two new misioneras! Sisters! and we have two elders in our ward as well! We are doing good and the Bishop is loving my violin! I am speaking and playing on Sunday! WAHOO!!!!! so yeah... here is this week! Kinda crazy! just working hard! sweating a lot! and playing hard as usual! Loving every second of it and growing closer to the savior with every step we take!

I challenge you all to take the advice from Conference and get a Preach My Gospel for each person in your house! Start studying now! it doesn't matter your age, knowledge, interest, study it cover to cover! I testify to you that if each and every one of you will study and learn more about this Gospel and how to share it, and then apply it in your lives you will feel the presence of the Lord so much stronger in your life each and every day!! You will never ever regret sharing the Gospel, but you can look back and regret not sharing it! So act now, study and share! You have the gospel, you have this gift, you have this light! Others are missing it, they need it, want it, and you are their only answer! I love you all and hope that you all have a fantastic week!!!!! Thanks for all the prayers and love I send mine your way each and every day! 

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