Monday, April 7, 2014

Two months in Mexico-Two baptisims

Hola Familia!!!!!!
Well!!!! We had another Baptism yesterday! Aejandro was baptized! People are truly prepared by the Lord!  I can barely believe it, but his face was priceless when he came out of that font, he ended the night swinging by our house around 9:20 to ask for a Book of Mormon for an investigator we have, that he started teaching who is his friend! Man oh man this kid is amazing! I can barely believe that he was baptized in a week and now he is doing missionary work... and he read the BOM in 2 days, yupp! This is the Lords work! I cannot wait to keep working with him and helping him get ready for a mission! 

We have a menos activa as well his name is Misael, he was menos activa! he has been going to church for over a month now and all of the activities! We bought him a white shirt the other day... and he wore it to church and HAD AN INTERVIEW WITH THE BISHOP!!!! he is starting his papers as well!!!! reactivating people is just as amazing as baptizing people in my eyes... Man the change in him was absoutely amazing! 

Carlos and Ivone are doing great! Ivone was called into young womens and Carlos is still waiting on a calling right now! They are so amazing! oh I love them so much! I dont know how they could not be apart of my life!!! 

Okay topic of the week Noche De Hogar!!! FAMILY HOME EVENING!!!!! this is all of your challenge! We had the coolest experience with a part member family and a member family this week with a NDH! we taught the restoration and we gave each person their own Book of  Mormon with a testimony in it! played some games with the apostasy! and about prophets! everyone was involved and even the dad of the part member family, who has been in active for 20 years, bore his testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon at the end. Yeah! There is a special power when we take time to come together as a family and practice those things that truly are of importance in our lives. I know that it is hard and life is crazy, but I challenge each of you to plan a fun lesson with a treat a game maybe another family or two each week and have family home evening!!!! This will completely change your testimony and the relationship that you have with your family right now! 

I love you all so much and know that this chuch is true! When we take action, we make a difference, when we make a difference, it is not us, it is the Lord, We are all doing the work of the Lord as members of the church! So put on your smiles and reach out to those in need serve, share this gospel, the happieness we have! I love you all, have a fantastic week!!!! 

Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Bauer

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