Friday, April 25, 2014

Lost Sheep

Hola Yall! 
I am going to start with an experience today! We had a district activity and went on a hike to go find some waterfalls with some members in the middle of nowhere! Well we walked through this little ranch and then kept on! We found two lost sheep... well really goats along the way! They were just little babies! We called them down, carried them for a while and then put them down! We came to find that they followed us! All the way to the cascades and back! We later found their home, the ranch that we had passed through and passed them off to the cute little farmer, who had a good 200 goats. this was a great experience. We literally acted as the shepards! We were able to call them in... Having the patience to wait for them and see if they would truly come unto us! As they did we showed them our love and lifted them up! carried them a ways! When we put them down they followed! It was not easy for these cute little guys to follow up and down these cliffs... they struggles at times, but had our support because they always stayed close by! Because they chose to act in this way we were able to return them to their rightful home. Apply this to our lives... Christ is always always calling us in! We have His atonement and this is how we come unto Him! If we stay close after we will feel this support and help that we always have, we truly are His sheep and He is our shepard! He is here to guide us back to our Father in Heaven and let us into the celestial kingdom! So keep pushing forward and never give up! you have a shepard and when you are lost, you know he is looking! 

For the rest of my week... 

 These past few days have been really good! We are pushing forward and working as hard as ever! We have been working a lot in the upper part of the area now that our area has been divided, This is a lot of work, but we are seeing blessing of the change. People are changing that we have never expected to, they want us to come back they are stating to actually listen and take in the message we bring. I feel like they are starting to accept a little bit more each visit... I know that this division of the area was inspiried as as we work with more focus we will be able to continue to see these changes that we are beginning to see. These changes may be small, like a small smile, a warm welcome, an invite back, or questions! But there is a beginning to everything after exito this week and the spirit they will be in sacrament meeting feeling what it is they really need in their lives! 

I feel like the more time I am here the more this ward just keeps progressing. This is the time for this ward! The Lord has His time for everything and He is ready for this ward to work! We now have three different DOMs within our one. We have Juan Sanchez to work with! Our first meeting with him was great! he is 26, has tons of animation, and is ready to get this ward working! This is exactly what we need to help our investigators and those people in the ward themselvels. Those menos activas and the mas o menos activas as well! I am very excited to see this ward get down to business and for us to be having noche de hogars every week with families who need it and investigators who can learn as well! 

Obra misional Sunday went really well! I gave my first talk! I was really nervous, but the spirit took over and it just flowed out of my mouth! Thats how things work here! Well I know and knew that it was OBRA MISIONAL but I felt very strongly that I needed to talk directly to the members about living their covenants and the importances and blessings that this can bring to their families within the Obra misional... I refered to Henry B eyrings talk and used a scripture that talked about our work here, I explained our work is to share this gospel, but in order to do it we must be living it. Through this we can be examples and share it and we can also share it in many other ways as we do as missionaries... and so on... well I have overheard that the first counciler dislikes when people dont speak on the OBRA MISIONAL and that is all... when they are missionaries... so yeah... little nervous about that, becuase he already doesnt like us! But I guess you can't please everyone and I I prayed about it and had the spirit when I was speaking so I hope he can warm up to me over time...

I loved the activity this week with the primaria teaching them about the obra just made me feel so blessed to actually be in it and be a part of it! To see all of their faces and hear all of their testimonies strengthened mine and reminded me why we are all really here! I know this church is true! We have all prepared for a long time to be where we are and are still learning and growing every day! We will never be perfect and I am so thankful for the example of Christ that we have in our lives! We are stiving to be exactly obidient and working our hardest here in Hacienda mitras following in his footsteps, because He has truly shown us the way! 

 I love you all at home and hope all is well! Keep pressing forward and share the gospel with all you know! Everyone needs a chance to hear it! So live it and share it! Love you!
Hermana Bauer

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