Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Man it's HOT outside

okay went to the doc! (she has little water blister all over her body) It is from the heat not much they can do! There is like this oil cream stuff he wants me to use, but the sunscreen is making it worse so I cannot use it! I am starting to use an umbrella all of the time! The only prob is my body cannot release heat that well.  I am not really sweating they are blisters of sweat... so yeah its pretty cool! It will go away eventually with the sun and heat! Its fine I am getting more used to it and this week was cooler there was less sun so it was not as bad!  Don't worry too much about it! Yeah I don't know anything about sending a cream! it probs wont make it in a very pretty condition! 

 We are doing so good here! I think that we are going to have a baptism this Wednesday! THIS IS THE FIRST FAMILY BAPTISM IN THIS WARD IN YEARS!!!!!  we are super stoked about it! working hard! It is so good to hear everything that is going on at home! how are you and dad! still going to the temple lots! you guys need to keep making time for that! I know life is getting more and more busy, but when we receive blessing like jobs, is when we forget our priorities in life, this is when we see our converts and people faulter the most! so just do your best to keep you guys going strong! Get in touch with Heidi! I am sure she would be right on that! how are they doing! better get to some other messages! LOVE YOU TONS! HAVE A GREAT WEEK! LOVE THE QUOTES! MMUAH!

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