Thursday, August 21, 2014

First week with Hermana Zatarian

Well first off here is my new darling comp her name is Hermana Zatarian! Second we are at the temple! that was a great trip!

Next, we had a baptism last Sunday! that was amazing! her mom isn't member and we are teaching her! she is amazing! 

This is behind our house... this water has been here for years i think.. it is full of mold and hatching bugs... we are still working on getting rid of it all! but there were three buckets full! If it doesn't work once don't do it again folks! THE DRAINS DON'T WORK! this is a sneak peak of how clean this house really is... and this is just outside!! mmmm haha 

I am in love in this area there are goats, horses, chickens you name it! lots of animals and cowboys! gonna find boots! Wahoo! haha 

This has been a great week and we are finding great people! sorry for the short update! Hope you enjoy the pics! love hermana bauer! 

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