Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Vegas BABY! Visa

Hola Familia,
I am going to Vegas right now! we have to appear to finalize our visa's.  Yupp looks like things are going good.  I will have my visa and three weeks left in the MTC!  I wanted to tell you so badly, but didn't have any info or time, I assume they do that on purpose!  Super Lame but having my visa es supermega bueno!  I am praying to run into someone dad knows in Vegas..very small possibility, pero its a small world.  When we get to Vegas we will go to the Mexican Consulate, and then an institute class to learn more about our mission.  Oh and I guess we HAVE to eat to Del Taco... thats about all I know.  So there you have it,  I'm off to Vegas!!

I was on Mexican soil today... AMAZING! I have my visa IA HORA (right now) sooo stoked! Also this this lady approached us in the airport and said I have just had my second lesson, I must give up my evil habits, thank you for sharing your message, and I'm excited for my next visit!  I learned a few cool facts about Mexico and got really intimidated being one of 10 white people at the Mexican Consulate today.  Everyone spoke Spanish! Ahhh I felt so belittled but they loved listening to me try to memorize James 1:5 out loud!  It was a crack up! It was crazy to be in public and be addressed as sister.  It seems like a dream, but how I love the sound of it.  I am doing great and staying positive! Come what may, I can take whatever comes my way! Love, Hermana Bauer                                                                                                

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