Friday, February 14, 2014

February 6, 2014

Well time is flying by, but all I can say is the days are long and hard, but fulfilling! My most spiritual days are the days that I am most wiped out! This week I have to say that I am so thankful for Janette. She was my tender mercy for the week! If it was not for her letter and her listening to the spirit I don't know how I would have received the answer to some serious questions in my prayers! I have struggled a lot with confidence in myself this week but as it was said to me by a wonderful woman I respect so much "fear and faith cannot be in you at the same time!" along with many more encouraging words, I realized the important parts of my personality I was allowing to be sucked up in a black hole because I was so consumed in being a ROBOT of a missionary. I am so thankful that I am learning to be me and build on myself instead of tearing myself apart as I was earlier this week! It was amazing to me that someone could be so in tune with the spirit that they could write my answer down three days before I pleaded to my Father in Heaven for it. This miracle was finished off with the song that we sang in the choir for our Tuesday devotional, Be Still My Soul. I realized I am the one chasing the spirit away, I am the one not letting Him abide in me, all I have to do is speak peace unto my soul as this song because He is with me I know it, I feel him here every step of the way and I am now learning how to keep Him close and stay positive even if I begin to become discouraged in myself. I am so thankful for the miracles the Lord works in my life daily and that we are all capable to be a tool in the Lords hands!

This week Hermana Abbott and I received the calling to be sister training leaders for our zone! I am so excited! we get to go visit sisters each night, help new sisters as they come in, and call and report to ALL branch meetings! It actually is quite a bit and cuts into my writing time.... but hey! I am loving it because I know that I am getting the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the other Hermanas here!

Here are a few funny stories... my competitive attitude is getting the best of me here at the MTC... we cannot under any circumstances make contact with an Elder if we are playing volleyball with them, got it. Okay here is the story. I was at the net ready for the ball coming my way! Yes it was coming fast ( most Hermanas would move) not I!!! Held my ground, as Elder Dotter ran full speed ahead right smack into me.... we collided spun in a circle... ( Casual "Shae spin") and fell to the ground. I killed my ankle and some tendons... and he hit his face on the ground trying to avoid landing on top of me... making the scene look worse that it was! well not to mention that was my second collision with the same elder... he just doesn't get it. I will and can do my job and be a part of the team! hahaha the Brother that watches us came over and says... what was that?? You are okay this time but if it happens again you cannot ever play again.... UH OH... yeah I have got to work on that one... ahhah :) 

This week we also got to skype someone in Mexico and talk to them, a member. we taught a short lesson and had a great conversations. It is like visiting teaching! Oh I loved it and she was the sweetest lady ever!!!! Coolest experience for sure! 

Well that is about all that is new other than we had an elder moved into our district who wants to "eat" me and Hermana Handy he is a huge help though he is from Tahiti and has been here for 11 weeks he hurt his shoulder. Also, my comp wants me to go to the doc about my ankle.... mmmmm still thinkin.,....  love you guys and miss you all!!!!

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