Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January 30, 2014

Well first of all.... HERMANA BAUER HAS HER VISA!!!!! she will be going to Monterrey Mexico on time and not attending another mission as a... visa waiter! YAYAYAYAYA!!!!! had a fun little trip to Vegas, said a prayer I would see someone Dad knew, nope. Oh well I met that sweet lady sister Moody on the plane who text Dad, she was not a member but most of her family is. We discussed religion a bit and she said she is thinking about it just not quite ready for that in her life! Her nephew emails her every week who is on a mission, I am sure he is working on her and I can tell the Lord is working on her heart quite a bit. Anywho it was weird to be in Vegas and not do anything, buy anything or meet some new crazy person from Dad... But it was a good trip and I HAVE MY VISA!!!
Also on the way there our driver talked to me about the importance of having farming in your life and then told me he was a team roper. Thinks he might know of Richie possible and they breed race horses! Oh man I miss the farm! ( I just need to learn how to have that conversation in Spanish.... stresses me out a bit... haha ) Elder Greep was our driver in Vegas... he was an interesting fellow! what a sweet spirit, but man oh man did he tell the most depressing stories I have ever heard! Oh well I am not worried about being a Debbie downer and he told me and the rest of the group not a soul in our room worried him and he would keep us all! best part of the day ASIDE FROM GETTING MY VISA!!!!! I got to eat at... CAFE RIO!!!!! one last time! super stoked about that one!  I cannot believe that I am half way there can you?! 
I am getting nervous to actually be in Monterrey, speaking to people who are actually trying to understand me for the sake of their salvation... but I know that the Lord will continue to bless me and I will continue to give it my all! 
This week Hermana Handy got a charlie horse in her foot and fell over in pain I knew exactly what was happening because I get them all the time specially from gym... the beam was the worst right, so I was rubbing it and comforting her while the other two hermanas were like in total and complete confusion, did I mention this all went down as we were kneeling about to pray! we were all laughing so hard by the end of it we were crying! best thing ever! 

  We had an amazing speaker this Sunday, he told the story of Alma and Almulek and applied it to working in the field with the members and working with the right members. It made me think of  how great members can be in this work and how every member no matter the age truly is a missionary! The story of Amulek was applied because Alma not only took a member but an inactive one and blew the people away with not his testimony but anothers. Alma did his work, but Almulek made the impact on the city and through the hand of the Lord and the faith Alma had in the Lord and in Almulek they were able to make an impact on them all! We need to all remember there is a way to reach out to everyone and teach them about the gospel! Don't simplify the work, find the one that works in the ¨multitude of ways¨ the Lord has provided for us! I loved his outlook on this story!  I am coming to love the book of Mormon stories looking at them from a different light, not just as stories or what they did, but what they teach and what I and the people around me can pull out of them and learn through the example of these amazing prophets!

I love the MTC, My companion and this gospel more and more each and every day! I live it I love it and I represent it! 

Te amo! Beccitos! 

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  1. Shae,we love your Blog! It's so exciting to here all the things your doing. It sounds like your well on your way being an Amazing missionary! The people of Monterrey will be blessed with you sharing and teaching the gospel.
    Love Ya!
    Uncle Cass,Wendy,Karissa & Kalisha